Karrion Kross made an impact when returning to WWE this past summer with Scarlett by his side. Now he wants to keep the momentum going and become a proper supervillain should he win the WWE Championship in his second run.

While speaking to Kostas Lianos of Daily Star, Karrion Kross said he thought Vince McMahon’s exit wasn’t an incentive for his return. He went on the record that he didn’t care for the creativity surrounding his character during his time brief time on Raw since it wasn’t his persona, and he tried to make the best of it.

“Not necessarily, I wasn’t overly fond of the concept they had pitched to me when I was coming up on the main roster the first time. But it wasn’t anything personal. When you sign a contract with WWE this is what it is and I’m very much of the old school belief that whatever I’m given I’m gonna do my absolute best to get that over so it’s enjoyable towards the audience. It wasn’t my idea but that’s okay, we’re given other people’s ideas all the time – that’s part of the job – and we do our best to make it entertaining. While I wasn’t fond of it and it wasn’t my idea that didn’t really matter to me. There was no animosity towards anyone at all. It was just something that in the end didn’t work when we did our best to try and make it work.”

Kross went on to say that if the old regime reached out about bringing him and Scarlett back, they would have considered it because their priority is entertaining the fans. He also shared his belief that the WWE Universe will see a true supervillain when he wins the world title.


“When we become WWE Undisputed Universal Champion together, I think you’re going to see a proper supervillain. It’s not going to be any sort of gray area, you’re gonna know that we are the bad guys,” he said.

WWE hasn’t seen a truly hated heel on any roster for a very long time. A lot of them like Kross said are in the gray area. It’s a strong possibility that Kross can be that super heel to bring the hate out of the fans. Kross has the potential for that. Only time will tell what 2023 has in store for the former NXT Champion.

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Andre Porter

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