Jon Moxley pulled double-duty by performing with AEW and GCW. Now with Mox signing a contract extension with Tony Khan’s company, he will have more power in the company and that will limit participation in other promotions. Now the latter owner feels he’ll return.

When speaking on The Business of the Business Podcast, Game Changer Wrestling owner Brett Lauderdale asked about Jon Moxley’s run as GCW Champion. He loved it and every time Moxley appeared, he made the company seem like a big deal.

“Yeah, one thing about Mox’s run. I know there are a lot of people that wish that he could have been at every show, but we have to be realistic here,” Brett Lauderdale said. “This guy’s one of the top stars of a weekly television wrestling company, and he’s not going to be able to make every show. He has commitments, real-life commitments, and professional commitments that extend beyond GCW.

“So as I saw it, I loved him being champion for that entire time because it made it seem extra special every time he would come, and every time he would have a match put the title on the line to me, it seemed like a bigger deal than had you been there every week, or every show or once a month. But yes, it was also significant having him for obvious reasons.


“He’s one of the biggest stars in the world. So to see him wearing our title belt and wearing GCW sweatshirts on TV and doing crazy matches for us when he doesn’t have to do them. It obviously is a big deal for GCW, and it opens eyes. It takes us beyond the indie wrestling bubble and introduces new fans to us that would never otherwise know what GCW is.

“And furthermore, I mean, when other wrestlers, AEW wrestlers or just top name, international talent, or even just top indie wrestlers, when they see Moxley willing to come and do GCW knowing that the guy doesn’t need the money, it’s not about a payday, and they see that he does it because he wants to be there. Obviously, it helps GCW’s credibility and helps our reputation amongst wrestlers and inside the business. So Mox, again, his contributions to GCW also extended beyond the ring.”

Lauderdale was also asked if he had any prior knowledge of Moxley signing a new five-year extension with All Elite Wrestling. He admitted that he doesn’t know, but believes we’ll see Moxley wrestle again for Game Changer Wrestling in the future.

“I had no idea,” Brett Lauderdale said. “I’ve had very little interaction with AEW itself over the years, and booking Moxley, I never spoke to AEW. So it was always just Mox talking to him and him, I guess, handling whatever needed to be handled with AEW. But yeah, I’m sure things are gonna change now. I don’t think we’ll see him as frequently.

“But I do think we’ll see him again. I think if there comes a time where there’s somebody he wants to wrestle or a show he wants to be a part of. I think he’ll be there. I think he’ll let me know in much the same way that he’s let me know over the last whatever it was 399 days. He’ll shoot me a text and say, what do you got coming up in this month? Or when are you going to be in this place?

“And that’s how it would often come together. So I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear from him again in a few months or six months or whatever, sometime in the next year. I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes back again and stops in for another event. But again, he does have priorities, and I don’t expect it. Rather, I wouldn’t be surprised. But I’ll continue to look at it as a bonus anytime he comes around.

We’ll see what happens if Jon Moxley competes in GCW or any other smaller promotion again during his time in AEW. It all depends on whether Tony Khan will allow that in Moxley’s new agreement to appear in CGW or other organizations.

Will Mox compete in other smaller promotions with his new deal with AEW? Sound off in the comments!

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