CM Punk’s run in WWE came to an end after the Royal Rumble in 2014 after he was simply fed up with WWE which led to him walking out. Prior to that, Punk saw a ton of success in the company as well. However, he didn’t seem to like the idea of a wrestler’s court.

Wrestler’s court was a backstage tradition that led to several backstage stories which are told even now. However, not everyone seems to be a fan of the concept.

CM Punk previously went on record and stated that he did not like wrestler’s court. While speaking on Storytime with Dutch Mantell, Mantell stated that he believes CM Punk hated wrestler’s court in WWE.

“‘Cos he didn’t invent it, I guess. See I was watching the other day, some non-descript- nothing would make this tape stand out. Except, CM Punk was in wrestling camp, wrestling school. They were showing him how to do a front roll, he couldn’t even do that. And I’m thinking, how did this guy… Well, I know how he did it, because he has a personality. But his wrestling skills weren’t up to par, starting out, with the other first-year students that he was competing against.


I don’t know why he came out and knocked [wrestler’s] court. Probably because they convicted him several times on being an a**hole i guess. And he didn’t like it, he tried to appeal, and they turned his appeal down, so. I don’t know why he would come out like that, it’s just a joke. And that’s what it was supposed to be, a joke, but I do think they turned it, maybe, a little bit more serious.”

CM Punk also hasn’t heard from AEW since the backstage brawl. It’s not known when CM Punk will return to AEW television, but many within AEW believe his time with the company is done.

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