It isn’t a shocker to see pro wrestling mixing with Hollywood. So many wrestlers have transitioned into successful actors. This mixing isn’t just for the talent but it’s also for the talent agents. So many successful Hollywood agents have pro wrestlers as their clients as well.

Recently, a top Hollywood agent found himself in hot waters amid allegations of inappropriate behavior. According to Deadline, Hollywood agent Brian Wittenstein has left the Hyperion Talent Agency. According to multiple sources that spoke to Deadline, it seems like Brian Wittenstein’s client has approached the agency with claims of inappropriate behavior.

After investigating the complaint, previous instances of sexual harassment were uncovered. This has resulted in Brian Wittenstein’s departure from the agency. Hyperion announced Brian Wittenstein had left the agency, but didn’t provide any insight into why he left. However, Brian Wittensteins insists that the two parted ways amicably.

Brian Wittenstein isn’t just a Hollywood agent. He has connections to the world of pro wrestling. He is the current agent of Cody Rhodes and former AEW star Brandi Rhodes. Brian Wittenstein has also represented other pro wrestlers however their names are not known as of writing this article.


Brian Wittenstein previously worked for Impact Wrestling (formerly known as TNA) till 2011. After his departure from Impact Wrestling, he joined WWE. This led TNA to file a lawsuit against both WWE and Brian Wittenstein for an alleged violation of an NDA by sharing confidential information with WWE that helped them gain an advantage in contract negotiations. The lawsuit was later withdrawn by Impact Wrestling in 2013.

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