Bron Breakker established himself as one of the biggest stars in NXT. However, his path wasn’t that easy as he had to show his toughness during training, and the first day was very difficult.

During his interview on The Black Announce Table, he opened up about his first drill at the WWE PC. He revealed that the training session was so rough and difficult that his chest and shoulder were swollen and bruised.

“My first practice at the PC was at eight o’clock in the morning with coach Robbie Brookside here at the Performance Center, and I wanna say there’s probably six or seven of us in the class. We probably gave and received over 200 shoulder tackles a piece, maybe more. I just remember leaving and my entire left side, my chest and my shoulder, was just swollen, bruised, tore up.”

Breakker continued by claiming that rigorous practice was necessary because his class was loaded with talented competitors from different walks of life.


“That group of guys that I came in with, our class was just a bunch of freak athletes. We were all kind of like on that same level, just hungry and really wanting to get after it. So, you know, those were the days.”

Breakker considers that everyone he has encountered in the Performance Center and with whom he has shared the ring has provided him with significant learning opportunities, and he is currently making great progress with everyone in WWE. It’s possible that such a mindset is the reason he became a two-time NXT Champion, with many believing a Breakker’s main roster jump is imminent.

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Smita Singha Roy

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