Liv Morgan faced off against Sonya Deville in a singles battle last Friday as her apparent spiral into lunacy accelerated. The fight ended in a double count-out because the former SmackDown Women’s Champion was determined to hurt her opponent. Former WWE manager Jim Cornette recently commented on the SmackDown match between Sonya Deville and Liv Morgan.

After the bell rang, she continued to attack the 29-year-old, putting the former WWE representative out with a Superplex onto a stack of steel chairs. The veteran wrestler said he didn’t like how the action played out on a recent episode of The Jim Cornette Experience.

Liv goes under the ring and starts grabbing chairs and is grabbing chairs from ringside and tossing them in the ring and the crowd starts chanting, ‘We want tables,’ because furniture is more important than the wrestlers. I bet you that I could buy a table for about $65, $70 but one of those wrestlers cost several $100,000 a year.

So while Liv Morgan is going to every nook and cranny around ringside trying to find chairs to throw in the ring. There’s Deville having to lay there staring at her, selling, wondering are you ever coming back to me you f-ing bleached blonde bimbo? It buried Deville. She had to lay there and wait forever. 


Then she gets back in the ring and Cruella has to still sell so that the girl can sit her up on the turnbuckle with no resistance whatsoever and then Superplex her off the top rope onto all the chairs. But goof girl Liv Morgan landed on the chairs too, and turned over and laughed about it because she’s extreme. So now the Superplex bump on to steel chairs does not hurt a 100 pound girl, and that’s when I left the programme for the evening.

According to Jim Cornette, Deville’s waiting for Morgan to bring in chairs was not a good image for the former. He went on to discuss Liv Morgan’s post-match beating. The portion, which the former WWE manager described as “fake and phony,” infuriated him. Listen to the entire podcase here.

What’s your take on Cornette’s point of view? Sound off in the comments!

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