Kane is the fiery younger brother of The Undertaker, who made his WWE debut in 1997. He was thought to be dead after The Undertaker set a fire when he was younger. However, on social media, Seth Rogen made fun of the fact that he resembles an unmasked Kane.

A throwback photo of Kane resurfaced on social media, and Seth Rogen saw it. He also decided to throw out a little observation that he resembles the WWE Hall of Famer.

“Damn, my secret has been revealed.”

Kane’s identity was unknown until he removed his mask in 2003, showing his burned face. Glenn Jacobs, the man behind the mask, is now Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.


Kane and Rogen are both famous for setting things on fire. Rogen usually burns plants, whereas Kane was always about burning people, but the concept is still there.

Was Rogen really playing the character of Kane in the 90s? What do you think?

Smita Singha Roy

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