The opinion among fans is that WWE has improved creativity. Although nothing is perfect, there was an issue on the latest installment of Raw that had a former officially taking notice.

On the latest “Reffin Rant,” former WWE official Jimmy Korderas took issue with a referee distraction this past Monday on Raw. He praises Triple H’s direction but at the same time, he feels the refs need more protection.

“Yes, it was an okay show, but not perfect by a long shot,” Korderas said. “Under the Triple H regime we have been praising the shows have been better, and they’ve been getting better. Monday night was an okay show from an in-ring standpoint, but one of the problems I had big time was the finishes to a lot of the matches being very similar with referees distractions, and bad ones. Usually, the WWE is pretty good at protecting the referees, but on Monday night, not so much at all.”

Some of the matches on this week’s “Raw” had questionably booked finishes, including the opening match and the main event. The surprise return of Nikki Cross in the main event was praised, though. Korderas felt “the referee issue was a definite problem.”


Distraction finishes and referee bumps have been commonplace in WWE. It was the frequency with which those types of finishes were used on this week’s show that Korderas took issue with.

Is Korderas right about the referee situation? Sound off in the comments!

Andre Porter

Andre is a passionate wrestling fan and journalist with years of experience covering the WWE. He has attended numerous wrestling events and has a deep understanding of the sport. In addition to his writing, Andre is also a graduate of The University of Arts with a BFA in multimedia and enjoys film, comics, and all Philadelphia sports. He is also an avid follower of John Cena on Twitter.

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