Bobby Fish ended his time with AEW at the end of August when he and the company were unable to reach a new deal. Fish surprisingly appeared at IMPACT Wrestling at IMPACT Victory Road to address the crowd and express appreciation for the IMPACT locker room.

Fish stated that he has not signed an official contract with the company, despite appearing frequently on IMPACT television and competing at IMPACT Bound For Glory. “A lot of people are making the assumption that I signed with IMPACT,” he began on his Undisputed Podcast.

“I have not signed with anyone other than Global Titans, which is not pro wrestling. I do have the boxing match in November. Then, I have a second fight that will be determined. That’s really the only long-standing contract that I have. Everything else, I am figuring it out. IMPACT happens to be another one of those places. You don’t know where I’m going to show up. I could turn up at Colony High School wrestling or the Survivor Series.”

On November 13th, Fish will face Boateng Prempeh in his boxing debut. Fish squared up against IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander on IMPACT’s October 13th episode. Fish said, “Josh Alexander, I was expecting it to be good, but it even exceeded the expectations,” as he reflected on his experience.


“He’s good at what he does. I like to think that I’m good at what I do. That’s when wrestling can be something cool. I feel we were able to put something cool together. A little more conversation and time than we had, but nothing needed to be overdone or overproduced. We’re just two guys who have been doing this long enough that we can go out and let it fly. I thought we did a good amount of that and there was so much organic stuff that transpired in that match and that’s what made it good. Josh is real good.”

The match, however, was won by Alexander. Fish recently defeated Mike Walker in a match at the MCW Autumn Armageddon Tour 2022 on October 13th, so he’s still raking up wins. He’s also been backstage at recent NXT events as well, so who knows where Bobby Fish will show up next? Stay tuned to Ringside for the latest updates.

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