The “White Rabbit” teasers led to Bray Wyatt’s return at the WWE Extreme Rules Premium Live Event. WWE received relatively positive feedback for the entire build-up. Now the company is looking forward to adding similar content to storylines in the future.

PW Insider reports that WWE is interested in doing more interactive material similar to “White Rabbit” teasers in the future. The outlet noted that the idea of doing such content was pitched several times in the past, but it was never approved. With Triple H assuming control over WWE creative, things have drastically changed.

The company is especially happy with the buzz from all the interactive “White Rabbit” material leading to Bray’s return and will be looking to do similar content in future storylines, even for others beyond Bray Wyatt if and when the time is right and it fits a storyline. There were a number of people who pushed for such content in the past but it was never authorized under the old regime, but until the Paul Levesque vision for creative, that has changed.

The outlet also noted that the sound of Bray Wyatt speaking on the phone number (855) 211-1133, which was included in the Friday QR code, sounded like a classic song. It sounds a lot like David Bowe’s classic, “The Man Who Sold The World.” The song is notoriously remembered for being performed by Nirvana at their last televised concert before Kurt Cobain’s death.


For those who have called the phone number that was attached to the link in the QR code on Friday, that number – (855) 211-1133 features a whispering Bray Wyatt talking about not losing control. The verbiage seemed very familiar to me when I heard it and I could be off on this, but it appears they are playing off of lyrics from the old David Bowie classic “The Man Who Sold The World”, which later burst out as a massive hit for Nirvana when they played it at their last televised concert before Kurt Cobain’s death on MTV Unplugged in November 1993.

Triple H was recently credited for being responsible for increased morale in WWE after taking control. We will have to wait and see what other interactive content the company puts out in the future. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more updates.

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