Mandy Rose is the reigning NXT Women’s Champion, a title she won at Halloween Havoc last year. As this year’s Halloween event comes closer, fans have been wondering if this would mark the end of her reign. However, Rose says WWE ratings will plummet if she were to lose her title.

The official WWE Twitter account questioned earlier today, “Could Mandy Rose’s reign come to an end this Saturday at Halloween Havoc?” Rose promptly replied to the post, arguing that ending her reign would be terrible for WWE viewership.

The Golden Goddess has already surpassed 350 days as a champion, and if she retains her title at Halloween Havoc 2022, she will be well on her way to breaking Asuka’s 510-day record.

Rose will be in action this Saturday at Halloween Havoc. She is set to defend her NXT Women’s Championship against Alba Fyre. Click here to see the updated Halloween Havoc match card.


Do you think Mandy Rose will break Asuka’s record for the longest-reigning champion? Let us know in the comments!

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