AEW produces a lot of wrestling content on a weekly basis and, as such, put some of the wrestling on their YouTube shows, Dark and Dark: Elevation. The company recently aired a match featuring Athena on Dark, and it was pretty stiff, to say the least.

One of the clips from the match that found its way to social media showed Athena landing a couple of stiff shots on her opponent. The AEW star completely destroyed her opponent with nasty elbow shots. She recklessly threw her opponent out of the ring at one point during the match.

Jim Cornette saw the clip and offered his take on Twitter. The iconic manager blasted Athena for not taking care of her opponent. Cornette said Athena would’ve gotten the receipt if she did the same during a previous era of professional wrestling.

Yeah, I think this girl needs to politely go fuck herself. In a previous era if she treated the wrong girl like this, she’d get snatched baldheaded and have her tongue stuck up her own ass.


Athena has been working AEW YouTube shows in addition to weekly television series ever since she signed with the promotion. We’ll have to wait to see if she decides to respond to Jim Cornette. Keep reading Ringside News for more.

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Manik Aftab

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