MJF has been considered one of the defining heels of the current generation of pro wrestlers and it is not difficult to understand why. MJF became a huge star in AEW in a short time and since then has consistently delivered in his feuds.

The Salt of the Earth is devoted to his craft as he never breaks kayfabe, inside or outside the squared circle. His dedication to his credit has won him over with fans who simply love to hate him.

While speaking on episode 265 of Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru, Jim Cornette gave huge props to MJF for being ahead of 90% of the business.

He’s the only one working anymore. He makes you want to see s*** and then takes it away from you until the last minute. He doesn’t just bump for the sake of bumping for everybody.

Because he knows that first he has to piss the people off so they will want to see him have his comeuppance.

So he’s got a mind, he’s got a mouth, and he’s got a physique that he knows how to use in the ring.

He’s ahead of 90% of the other people in the business and he’s more entertaining than almost all of them.

MJF also said that he is an attraction like Andre The Giant. We will have to wait and see whether MJF will become the AEW World Champion one day or not.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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