LA Knight debuted on the main roster as Max Dupri and founded the stable called Maximum Male Models with also featured Man.soor, Mace, and Maxxine. However, the gimmick wasn’t able to get him over.

After weeks of watching his stablemates compete and lose, Max Dupri had enough and turned on them in last week’s episode of SmackDown. He also announced that he was changing his name back to LA Knight much to the delight of the fans. It was also announced that he would face Man.soor in singles competition this week on SmackDown.

LA Knight won the bout quite comfortably. After the match, he got on the mic and insulted the fans indicating that he was heel. In a recent interview with Cafe de Rene podcast, Paul London heaped a lot of praise on LA Knight by saying he had a great personality and hailed his performance in the ring.

“I think he’s extremely talented. He’s a great personality, great on the microphone. He doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel. He doesn’t try to do anything crazy that is beyond his persona or beyond his limits. I’m not saying he’s limited by any means. I mean, he’s a physical specimen. He looks great, and he works, I really enjoy his work. I haven’t seen anything, since he’s been in WWE, I haven’t seen anything of that. I know that they’ve flipped his name around a couple of times.”


Now that LA Knight has finally broken free of the shackles that have held him down, it will be interesting to see if this gimmick change will lead to a major push down the line.

Watch the full podcast here:

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