Bron Breakker is the current NXT Champion. His work puts him among veterans of sports entertainment. He has worked well with other NXT superstars and put them over well. The NXT Champion is also Roman Reigns fan.

Daniel Cormier appeared on The Masked Man Show to talk about his role as the special referee at WWE Extreme Rules this past Sunday. The conversation went amazing and it looked like Bron Breakker has a wish for the WWE Universal Champion.

I was in my locker room last week with Julius Creed, Jay Casper, and Bron Breakker. They flew up. Jay Casper is one of my guys. He used to train in my camp. When I was there, we spent the whole day. I was with those guys and we got in the ring some. 

Breakker tells me, ‘I hope he (Roman Reigns) never loses. I hope that when that belt is off of him, he just walks away from it, like, I don’t need to be the champ no more, there you go, because his character is so over. I don’t want to see that character lose.’ This is a guy who’s going to challenge for that belt at some point. It’s crazy. It tells you what Roman Reigns has become.


Roman Reigns’ gimmick has many fans, and Bron Breakker is one of them. The NXT superstar has an affinity towards Roman Reigns and that is understandable considering he loves the business.

Roman Reigns defends his WWE Universal Championship against Logan Paul at the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia on November 5th. It remains to be seen what will happen with Roman Reigns after the event.

Do you think Bron Breakker is right about Roman Reigns? Sound off in the comments.

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