Back in the 1990s, Eric Bischoff was ruthless for not pushing stars that weren’t associated with WWE. That caused a lot of heat among the talent in the company. Now he is going on the record regarding all of his decisions with one particular former WCW star.

Raven joined former WCW President Eric Bischoff on a new special called “What About Raven?”. The topic was about a recent episode of “83 Weeks” in which Bischoff gave his opinion on why Raven didn’t get a bigger push in WCW in the late 1990s.

Bischoff and Raven, along with co-host Casio, watched a clip of the “83 Weeks” episode, which showed Bischoff talking about how Raven would have benefited from some additional context than just having him sit in the audience for the start of his WCW run.

“That was actually me putting heat on myself for not creating a backstory, not allowing the audience to get why your character was in the frame of mind it was in.It was like that grunge kind of frustrated, that angst that was such, at least to me, a part of that character, but the audience never got a chance to understand why and I think had that backstory played itself out for a period of weeks or months. and then we integrate the Raven character, and physicality and then storyline, I think it would have had a much better opportunity to be successful.”


Raven’s backstory did happen in the end, but it was after his infamous Flock was disbanded. Raven’s previous life was described as him being a spoiled, petulant, rich kid who enjoyed a life of luxury, a stark contrast to the loner, grungy identity he first had when showing up to feud with Diamond Dallas Page.

One of the many issues with WCW towards the end of its run was the character development among its talent. We can blame Bischoff and others for that.

Do you think Raven’s backstory should’ve been explained early in his WCW run? Sound off in the comments!

Andre Porter

Andre is a passionate wrestling fan and journalist with years of experience covering the WWE. He has attended numerous wrestling events and has a deep understanding of the sport. In addition to his writing, Andre is also a graduate of The University of Arts with a BFA in multimedia and enjoys film, comics, and all Philadelphia sports. He is also an avid follower of John Cena on Twitter.

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