Paige VanZant is name to mix with people in the Octagon. The fighter switched from the UFC to the Squared Circle in AEW, and it looked like she was doing an excellent job at this transition. Then she seemingly ghosted Tony Khan’s company.

Her coach, former WWE superstar Gangrel, trained her at Coastal Championship Wrestling’s training facility in Florida. She appeared in one match and has been out of the wrestling circuit after it.

Gangrel talked about it on K & S Wrestlefest about how Paige trained for some time at the facility. The former WWE superstar talked about how the former Octagon performer would have been a perfect fit for this sport.

Yes, I did [train VanZant] for a little while there. She did well; she didn’t train as much as I would have liked for her to train, but I haven’t seen her since that match. She did that match, she wrote me, and said, ‘Hey, I’d like to go over the match with you and some critique.’ And I said, ‘Sure,’ and that’s the last I heard from her. She’s an athlete. She could have been really, really good at it actually.


It was rumoured that Paige VanZant was out as she was training for an August fight with Charis Sigala as part of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship promotion. The bout was pulled off at the last minute.

There were rumours that the fight was rescheduled, but now the information confirms that the bout has been called off. Paige clarified that she didn’t pull out from the bout, but was pulled out on her own.

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Amit Shukla

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