Tony Khan, who is the founder of AEW, has won the Dave Meltzer’s Booker of The Year for two years in a row. Recently, Tony Khan appeared on the Busted Open Radio and stated that he is vying to win the award for the third consecutive year.

However, Former WCW President Eric Bischoff didn’t take kindly to Tony Khan’s comment. On his 83 weeks podcast, he fired a shot at Khan, asking the AEW founder to focus on the many problems in-house rather than worrying about winning some award.

“Tony, in particular, says so much stupid sh-t it’s hard not to call him out about it. Like, wanting to win the ‘Dave Meltzer dirt sheet booker of the year’ award, three years in a row. Are you f-cking kidding me? That kind of stuff makes it hard, not only for people like me who have been in the industry, but even fans start to go ‘What?’ Meantime, my locker room is beating the sh-t out of each other, I got to fire people every week, and those that I’m not firing, I’m suspending. I don’t know, ‘Dirtsheet Booker of the Year?’ Is that something I’d be talking about? I don’t think so.”

Tony Khan’s hopes of winning the Booker of The Year award come at a time when all is not right behind the scenes at AEW. The company has made headlines in recent times for all the wrong reasons.


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