It’s Monday night and you know what that means! It’s time for Monday Night RAW and Ringside News has got you covered with the live results of tonight’s show. We are just one day removed from WWE Extreme Rules 2022 which means the red brand will have a lot planned to start building towards WWE Crown Jewel.

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The start time for tonight’s show is 8:00 PM EST. We will keep you updated with all the action by providing match-by-match highlights and results from the show. Feel free to react in the comments section.

Tonight’s show will feature the following matches and segments:


D-Generation X 25th anniversary celebrations

United States Championship Match: Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Seth Rollins

The Bloodline Live

Austin Theory vs. Johnny Gargano

The show starts with Michaels, X-Pac, and Road Dogg asking each other and Triple H if he’s ready. Triple says it’s a big night since it’s the season premiere. Hence, they have to be careful since they have sponsors. So they can’t curse. To this Michaels, purposely curses in joking fashion while pointing to a bunch of rubber chickens.

The opening package for RAW plays.

Corey Graves welcomes everyone to the season premiere of Monday Night RAW while welcoming his new partner Kevin Patrick who walks the audience through all the matches.

The Bloodline’s music hit and the group walk out to the ring. The crowd starts chanting “Sami.” Roman starts by asking the crowd to acknowledge him. Reigns says he is going to move forward but he can’t get past Friday. Reigns says his father told him that the loudest in the room is also the weakest in the room. He also says that if you’re weak and you’re in The Bloodline, then you’re a fool.

He then calls Jey and asks him if he is a fool. Sami Zayn interrupts which drives Paul Heyman crazy and the crowd starts chanting “Sami.” Sami said that Jey was his problem going forward and would love the opportunity to handle the situation.

Roman calls him the Honorary Uce and asks him to proceed. The crowd again starts chanting “Sami.” Sami starts by saying they all love Jey and he was talking to Roman regarding the Bloodline’s future and they feel like Jey’s recent behavior hasn’t been very Ucey.

He then points to Jimmy and says who doesn’t love Jimmy. The crowd pops. He then says Solo is built like a house but is kinda cool. He then says that are all cool and asks Jey to be cool. He looks at Roman and asks if this is a joke.

Jey starts getting angry but is interrupted by Sami. Matt Riddle’s music plays and he comes out telling The Bloodline that they should be talking about his victory over Seth. He then asks Roman to give him one more chance for the title. Reigns asks the crowd if Riddle should be given one more chance before dismissing the idea.

Riddle then asks if one of his stablemates will step up to the plate. The crowd chants Sami’s name and Jey asks him to step up to the plate. Sami asks Riddle if he thinks he is funny to which he says yeet.

Sami says he doesn’t want to hear Riddle say yeet but Riddle goes ahead and says it. Sami then challenges Riddle to match. Riddle accepts saying yeet.

They play highlights from WWE Extreme Rules 2022.

Austin Theory vs Johnny Gargano

Austin Theory’s music hits and walks out to the ring with his Money in the Bank briefcase. Johnny Gargano’s music plays next and the former NXT Champion walks out to the ring.

The match starts and Gargano starts punching Theory followed by some vicious chops in the corner. The crowd chant Johnny Wrestling. Gargano continues to stomp Theory before chopping him again.

Gargano hits the Hurricanrana on Theory who rolls out to the apron. Gargano punches Theory a couple of times before attempting the One Final Beat but is caught and dropped on the apron by Theory.

Johnny Gargano goes for a crossbody followed by an enquigiri. Cover! 1….2…Kickout! Gargano goes for sliding baseball slide but Theory goes back in the ring. As Johnny goes for a springboard move, he is caught by Theory who then plants him face first before going for a cover. 1…2…Kickout.

Gargano kicks the Theory’s knee, tries to kick his but is countered. Theory then attempts the Gargano escape but Gargano rolls out of before applying the same move to Theory.

Theory rolls Gargano and picks up on his should but Gargano escapes and hits the superkick. Theory went for a roll but Gargano hit a superkick followed by a diving DDT. Gargano then rolled him into the ring and hit One Final Beat for the win.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

Rey Mysterio vs Chad Gable (with otis)

Rey Mysterio’s music hits first and comes out to the ring. Chad Gable’s music plays next and he walks out to the ring with Otis.

The match starts with Gable dropping Rey to the mat. He goes for a headlock but Rey pushes him to the ropes but is knocked down by Gable.

Chad Gable then again goes for the headlock. Rey gets back to his feet and Gable Irish whips Rey who counters and hits the hurricanrana who rolls out of the ring.

Mysterio goes for a sliding sunset flip throwing him into the barricade. The Judgment Day’s music hits and Dominik walks out with Rhea Ripley. Rey looks disappointed.

Rey goes for a seated senton from the top rope. Gable regains control with a German suplex. He then picks up Rey by the waist but is countered by Rey. Rey is then taken down to the ground by Gable who locks in the Ankle lock who escapes by sending Gable into the ring post.

Rey hits the head scissors on Gable and hits the diving splash for the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

After the. match, Dominik enters the ring and asks Rey to hit him but Rey tries to walk away but is stopped by Rhea. Dominik then asks Rey to him by shoving him.

Dominik then slaps Rey and asks him to hit him again. Rey then hit Damian Priest who showed he then send Balor into the ropes and goes for the 619 but is stopped by Dominik.

Dominik then continues to ask Rey to hit him as Rye gets up to his feet and looks pissed while other Judgment Day members nudge Rey to hit him. Dominik then knocks down Rey Mysterio to the ropes while Rhea holds his hands. Dominik then hits the 619 on Rey Mysterio.

The Judgment Day are then shown standing in the ring while the crowd boos them. Rhea laughs and say that The Judgment run Monday Night RAW. Priest then laughs and says that Rhea just spoke the truth.

He also said that everyone who has challenged them has fallen. He then said he wants to talk about how Finn handled business at Extreme Rules.

Finn then said that Edge’s miracle return to the ring as been stopped by him by making Edge utter the words “I Quit.” He then said he is too legit to quit. He then said he wanted to watch it one more time.

Then a video package played showing highlights from the I Quit Match. After the package played, The Judgment Day can be seen laughing. Rhea then showed the armband with Beth’s name calling her a joke. She then said that what she did was just a glimpse. Dominik tries to speak but the crowd boos.

Dominik says that watching Rhea hit the con-chair-to did it for him and he also said that his favorite part was seeing the pathetic and devastated look on his face. He further said he deserves to feel useless just like he’s made Dom feel his entire life.

Finn Balor then said that AJ better have reconsidered joining The Judgment. AD Styles’ music hit and came out to the ring. Styles said that they’ve known each other for years but it’s come down to this.

He then says he isn’t out here to argue with Finn but says Finn is right. He then says that Judgment is everything he hs needed. He then said he needs a family asking “Am I not my brother’s keeper?” before getting down on one knee as Finn helped him up and both of them hugged/

Balor says he is proud of AJ but AJ says he wasn’t talking about Finn. The Good Brothers’ theme music played and they walked out to the ring. Both groups have a stare down as Gallows dropped Dominik and both groups begin brawling in the ring.

AJ dumped Balor over the announce table while Gallows smashes a steel chair on Priest’s back. Meanwhile, Rhea grabbed Dominik and escaped. The three men corner Balor but he somehow manages to escape.

Byron Saxon interviews Bayley and asks if her match was a setback

Dakota says that Bayley helped out from being rock bottom. She then said she will do anything for her girls but the same can’t be said about Asuka or Alexa. IYO says something in Japanese.

Dakota says she and IYO will do anything to make sure Bayley becomes champion. IYO says something in Japanese. Bayley then translated it saying that IYO said she (Bayley) is going to defeat Candace LeRae.

Roman Reigns can be seen walking backstage with Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa but is topped by Jey saying he needs to talk to him. Roman said he is going to celebrate with Heyman but Jey is asked to stay behind to ensure Sami wins. Jey Uso doesn’t look happy.

Bayley vs Candace LeRae

Bayley’s music hit and she walks out without her stablemates. Candace LeRae’s music plays next and she walks out. The match begins with Bayley dealing vicious blows to Candace. Bayley knocks Candace down. Cover! 1…2..Kickout,

Candace trips Bayley and snaps her head before a rollup. 1….2…kick out, Bayley throws Candace to the apron. Candace climbs the top rope and hits a dropkick to Bayley who rolls out of the ring.

Candace LeRae continues attacking Bayley in the corner. She goes for a steup senton followed by a dropkick. Cover! 1…2..kickout. She picks up Bayley who pushes her into the corner before she starts attacking the knees. Bayley goes for the Rose Plant but Candace counters rolling her up for the win before running out of the ring.

Winner: Candace LeRae

She is ambushed by Damage CTRL who drags her back into the ring. IYO SKY hits the backbreaker and Bayley is screaming at her. Bianca comes out but is stopped BY Bayley and all three members attack Bianca before Bayley knocks out Candace.

She then hits the diving elbow to the back of Bianca Belair’s head. Bayley then says this is what a tag team looks like.

The Miz is shown backstage with Maryse. He looks worried that Dexter is going to show. Maryse hands a baseball bat as a gift to The Miz.

Back from the commercial and Maryse is standing in the ring. She says tonight is special because it’s her husband’s birthday before introducing him. The Miz’s music hit and he walks out with a baseball bat.

He looks impressed. He appreciates Maryse who said she spent so much money. She asks her to read this bat which is signed by Jose Ramirez. He then insults Aaron Judge and Kevin Durant.

Marys asks him to open a gift and The Miz opens a cover revealing yoga balls. Maryse asks him to open the big one. He removes the box to reveal Dexter Lumis. He places the box back on Lumis’ head and continues to smash it with a baseball bat.

They look around worried while Dexter creeps up from behind and chokes Miz. When Miz tries to escape he shoves Marys into the cake and escapes. Lumis then looks at Maryse who runs away.

Dexter Lumis takes the knife and pierces the yoga balls. He then heads to the cake and proceeds to cut a piece. He tastes the cake as the crowd cheers.

Seth Rollins is shown backstage with his ribs bandaged.

DX are shown backstage interacting with a couple of Indi wrestlers. DX wished them luck against Omos.

The Miz asks DX if they’ve seen Triple H But X-Pac asks for a piece of cake. Shawn Michaels says that Miz must’ve done something to piss him off.

Road Dogg suggested that he go one on one with Lumis. If Miz wins, then Lumiz is gone but if Lumiz wins then he gets a contract.

2-on-1 Handicap match: Omos (with MVP) vs. Two Independent Wrestlers

Omos immediately destroys both men viciously. He picks up one of the guys and throws them around. Both men aren’t enough for Omos who steamrolls both men and hits a double chokeslam to pick up the win.

Winner: Omos

After the match, he picks up both men and slams them to the ground before leaving.

A video package played showcasing Bray Wyatt’s return at WWE Extreme Rules.

United States Championship: Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Seth Rollins

Bobby Lashley makes his ring entrance first. He gets on the mic and says he is going to be a fighting champion for the fans. He says he has beaten the best this business has to offer. Lashley then calls out Seth Rollins but Brock Lesnar’s music plays and The Beast walks out as the crowd cheers.

Brock Lesnar gets in the ring and pics up the mic. The crowd chant “Holy S**it.” He wished Bobby Lashley good evening before picking him up and hitting F-5. The crowd chants “one more time.” Lashley then hits the German suplex followed by another F-5.

The crowd continues to chant “one more time.” Lesnar then locks the kimura and proceeds to break Lesnar’s arm before leaving the ring.

As Lashley recovers outside the ring, Seth Rollins’ music hits and hurries down to the ring and asks Lashley to get in the ring. Seth says he wants the match now. Seth Rollins then picks up the mic and says Lashley isn’t going to get out of the title match so easily. He also says he wants the match right now. Seth says that Bobby is supposed to be a soldier but he is a disgrace to the US title and a disgrace to the country.

Lashley then gets back in the ring and asks the referee to ring the bell.

He rushes Rollins who hits the Pedigree and goes for the cover. 1…2…kickout. He then goes for a splash off the top rope. Cover! 1…2…kickout. Rollins then goes The Stomp but Lashley moves out of the way and Spears Rollins.

Lashley then locks in the HUrt Lock but Rollins attacks the injured arm before hitting the superkick and rolling elbow to the back of the head.

Rollins then hits The Stomp but doesn’t go for the cover. He hits The Stomp again for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins (c)

Bobby Lashley was interviewed backstage but he says he is pissed off. But he will deal with Seth after he deals with Lesnar. Lashley then calls out Lesnar next week.

A mysterious message appears on the screen showing a guy in a mask. The guy repeated “revel in what you are.” It looks to be a new vignette from Bray Wyatt.

Matt Riddle vs. Sami Zayn

Matt Riddle makes his entrance first. Zayn’s music plays next and he walks out accompanied by The Usos.

The match begins and Zayn goes for a headlock followed by a takedown. Zayn again goes for the headlock, sent into the ropes and kick by Riddle knocks down Sami.

Riddle with vicious strikes against Sami followed by a forearm. Cover! 1…2..kickout. Sami regains control with a clothesline. Cover! 1….2….kickout. Jey interferes and kicks Zayn in the face. Sami doesn’t look pleased and tells Jey that he doesn’t want help.

Sami hit the springboard moonsault on Riddle. Zayn stays on Riddle and slams his face into the turnbuckle. Sami hits a diving elbow from the second rope. Cover! 1…2….kickout.

He goes for another diving elbow but Riddle ducks and kicks him in the head. Both men get back to their feet and Riddle slams Zayn and kicks him in the chest. Riddle off the ropes but Zayn catches him and hit Michinoku driver. Cover! 1…2…kickout.

Zayn climbs up to the top rope but is caught by Riddle. A headbutt from Zayn sends Riddle crashing to the mat. He goes for a dive but is caught with the knee. Cover! 1…2…kickout.

Fans chant “Sami Uso.” Jey goes for another kick but is stopped by Sami. The distraction allows Riddle to take advantage sending Zayn outside. Riddle then hits the Floating Bro on Sami Zayn.

Both men exchange blows in the ring. Riddle hits the ripcord knee. Sami catches Riddle and hits the corner exploder. Sami goes for Helluva kick but is caught by Riddle who hits the Powerslam. Riddle goes for the DDT but is thrown to the outside by Zayn.

As Zayn goes outside, Riddle attacks Zayn with some vicious as he rolls back in the ring. The match ends when Riddle hits the RKO for the win.

Winner: Sami Zayn

As Riddle celebrates on the entrance ramp, DX’s music hits. D-Generation X comes out in a jeep with a canon.

X-Pac starts by asking the fans to make some noise. He then acknowledges Chyna. Road Dogg then does his and Billy Gunn’s intro.

Triple H says it smells funny in here. He then says it’s been 25 years and asks who in the audience where there when it all started. He then says 25 years is a long time before asking if the audience is ready.

The group then does their signature “suck it” catchphrase. Shawn Michaels follows it by saying he is going to put everyone on the spot. He then asks the fans to put them out of their mystery if they are still here 25 years later. He then follows it up by saying he’s got two words for ya catchphrase.

DX then start posing in the ring.

This ends the live coverage of Monday Night RAW.

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