Dominik Mysterio’s career has taken a boost recently when he turned heel on his father Rey and joined The Judgement Day a couple of months back. Now the group’s leader wants to help Dom with his true potential.

When speaking with CBS Sports, Finn Balor describes his goals with Dominik Mysterio in the stable. Balor says Dominik there’s been things thrown at him in such a short time, but he wants to help Dom realize his potential and be more comfortable in the ring.

“For me, I just wanna make Dominik feel more comfortable. I feel like he’s a young guy in a cutthroat industry that probably has a lot of people jealous of him, given the fact that his opportunity was maybe rushed due to the fact of who his father was.”

“He has adapted and overcame and fitted into that role, being in a tag team with his father. Then just as he’s getting comfortable in that role, he then has to completely change direction and adapt and fit into a new role.


“So really, if I can just make him feel in any way more comfortable with himself in the ring, that’s my objective. I feel like he’s far exceeded anyone’ expectations already, not only as a babyface but as a heel. He’s really touched the heartstrings of people who really seem to dislike him right now, which is the hardest thing to achieve, being a heel character. So he’s got a huge future ahead of him.”

“He has an incredible amount of potential. Obviously, his family lineage speaks for itself, and I’ve no doubt that in the future, he will step out and exceed his father’s shadow.”

Dominik does have a lot of potential with his in-ring skills,n especially coming from a bloodline of legendary performers in the likes of his father and great-uncle. Balor and the rest of Judgment Day will improve Dominik’s in-ring skills sooner rather than later.

Do you think Finn will help Dominik improve in the faction? Sound off in the comments!

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