JoJo Offerman is the wife of Bray Wyatt and mother to two of his children. The former WWE ring announcer married Bray Wyatt and has been off television as they started a family. She was quietly released from WWE, much unlike her husband as everyone knew when he was fired. That being said, she was watching from home as Bray Wyatt returned at WWE Extreme Rules

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The former WWE ring announcer was happy to see her husband return to pro wrestling. While there aren’t enough details available on his revamped character, fans can be sure that there are exemplary things on the way.

Holy shit! So damn proud of you baby. 😍 @Windham6


WWE did an excellent job of introducing all the characters from his previous gimmick, but no one knows who were the people behind the gimmick. It remains a mystery as of this writing.

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Bray Wyatt is an expert on this game and knows how to keep the fans involved. Only time will tell what’s next, but we’re here for it.

What do you think will happen after the return? Sound off in the comments.

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