Scotty Too Hotty is a wrestling legend that was been in the business before he made his start in the WWF in 1991. The legend has worked with some of the best in the business.

Recalling his experience on the Wrestling With Johners Podcast, Scotty was quick to talk about how he would be at school one day and then wrestling as well as hang out with WWF superstars.

WWF had the policy of bringing in enhancement talents back in the day. These would change the landscape as respected superstars would take them out and emerge victorious.

After I had my first match, I had two matches locally, just outside of Portland, Maine, where I grew up. Then I met a guy, Robbie Ellis, he was kind of a local legend around Maine. He was on the first couple shows I did, and then he got me and my friend, who I started with in my mom’s garage, booked for this small independent company down in Massachusetts.


We would go down there just south of Boston pretty much every weekend and work at least one show, sometimes five or six shows. He might do some fair shows where they do two or three shows a day. At the time, I was a kid. I was younger than my son is now when I was doing this. I was 16, 17 years old, and at the time, we were making, if we were lucky, ten dollars a day down there.

It’s like ah, this sucks, we’re not making any money. But looking back, it was such great experience and great reps and being able to do it over and over and over, and fine-tune our craft. We were really lucky to have that.

He worked with WWF until 1997 before being offered a contractual role. He won the Light Heavyweight Title once and the Tag Titles twice. He then turned into a coach position at the WWE Performance Center.

I worked for him for years, and then I met a guy named Phil Apollo. He had been working as an extra for WWF, and I didn’t even give him my number. I told him I worked at a KFC. I was working at a KFC as a cook, so maybe a month or two went by after meeting him, and I was at work, and I got a phone call.

It was Phil Apollo, he said I’ve been trying to track you down. I’ve been calling all of the KFCs around Portland, and I’ve been working as an extra for WWF, and they’ve asked me to bring another guy. Would you be interested? I said of course, you know, that’s my goal. I was about 17, like I said, when I got that call. It was August 19 of 1991, I had my first match, I was an enhancement guy.

I was still in high school, just barely an adult, and I would skip school to go get beat up by the best in the world. At the time, you’re thinking, am I doing the right thing? I’m just a body out here getting beat up, and you have people who have been around for a while telling you, oh, you can’t do that. You’re gonna kill yourself off. Looking back, dude, I was sitting in school one day, and the next day,

I’m in the ring with Hogan and Undertaker and Sid and Mr. Perfect and Bret Hart. How can that be wrong? I’m in the ring with Mr. Perfect and Shawn Michaels and the Beverly Brothers and The Berzerker and Owen Hart. Like dude, at 18, 19, 20 years old, what great experience. It kind of sucks now because the guys don’t really get that opportunity to do that and get out there because they don’t really use enhancement guys the way that they used to,

Scotty was released in 2021 upon his own request, and he now wrestles for independent promotions. He wants to pull off shows in his own name in the near future. Only time will tell if he finds his way back to WWE.

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