Under Triple H’s guidance, Finn Balor’s career flourished in NXT. He even the brand’s top prize twice.

Hence, Balor was heavily when he first debuted on the main roster. Balor defeated Seth Rollins to become the first-ever WWE Universal Champion. However, an injury sustained during the match forced Balor to relinquish his title the following night on RAW.

This put an abrupt halt to his push as he was never pushed in the same manner again on the main roster. However, with Triple in charge as head of creative in WWE, many fans speculated that Finn Balor may be in store for a big push given how he was well-liked by Triple.

Speaking to Josh Martinez on his YouTube show “Superstar Crossover,” Finn Balor highlighted the biggest change that as taken place since Triple took over creative control from Vince McMahon.


“Just for me, the availability of Triple H at ringside before the shows to just ping ideas back and forth of, that was something that wasn’t there in the previous couple of years. Obviously, the production meetings would happen separate to where the talent were. You know, I feel like that has been the biggest difference in the last couple of weeks, just that availability of getting clear directions, and being able to ping ideas back and forth have been a more collaboration of ideas.”

With Finn Balor set to face Edge in an I Quit Match at Extreme Rules, fans will wait in anticipation to witness Balor get the main event push her deserves.

Watch the interview here:

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