JTG used to team up with Shad Gaspard during their time as Cryme Tyme in WWE during the late 2000s. The two would eventually split up and go their separate ways in the company.

Cryme Tyme was a fairly popular team during their time in WWE. Despite competing in several title matches from 2006 to 2010, the team would never hold tag team gold even once.

In 2007, JTG and his Cryme Tyme partner Shad Gaspard were involved in a feud with Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. JTG was involved in a spot where he was thrown out to ringside by Cade and Murdoch. However, he returned to the ring just before the referee counted him out.

However, as JTG made it back, at a count of eight, the referee quickly counted nine and ten and ended the match in Murdoch’s team’s favor. While speaking with Wrestling with Rip Rogers, JTG recalled the incident and how John Cena ridiculed them.


“Chad took it on the ref. I joined in on it, and then Chad took it a little bit too far. He took the ref’s belt off and auctioned it to the crowd. We were selling character but we were off script.

We got to the back. We go chastised by.. Well he [Gaspard] got chastised first by, was it Barry Windham at the time. He was our agent. And then after that we got ridiculed by John Cena in front of the locker room. And then on the ride to the next show to RAW we got a good tongue lashing from John Laurinaitis and then the next day we were fired.”

Shad Gaspard would be released back in 2010 while JTG was released in 2014. Since then, JTG has been competing in the independent circuit while Shad Gaspard tragically lost his life in May of 2020, when he sacrificed himself to save his son.

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