AEW has been in hot water for a number of reasons since its inception in the year 2019. The company faced backlash when Cody Rhodes left it for WWE. There were other issues that also came up after The American Nightmare’s departure.

We wouldn’t want to mention all the backlash, as people are aware of them in clear sight. “All Ego” Ethan Page appeared on Sunday Night’s Main Event and shared his thoughts on the product.

You’re looking at a roster filled with people that spent years kind of starving together. So there’s that pocket of the locker room that has a certain bond and camaraderie that will never go away. But as far as the whole company, I don’t know. The only thing I know is what happens in the room with the male talent across it. Anyone else that has a name on their door, I don’t go in there. I don’t know what happens in there. I don’t know what their relationships are with the other people on the roster, nor do I care. If you don’t change with me, I don’t care.

It’s clear that he wants the focus to be only on the product and he focuses on his business instead of giving bytes to other storytellers to scoop something and earn a living. He also spoke about the backstage issues.


Who cares? Literally, who cares? Who’s keeping score? You guys really need to know what our relationships are like behind the scenes? Watch the damn show!

The performer who is also a member of the faction The Firm was firm in his approach and belief about what should be considered workable, and otherwise too.

He seemed keen on his work and how things would be in the grand scheme of things. It’s clear that he has just one objective in mind and that’s to be clear about what he wants.

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Amit Shukla

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