When Tony Khan made an appearance on Barstool Sports, the president of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, mistook him for current WWE co-CEO Nick Khan, with whom Portnoy has a strenuous relationship. Of course, there are a lot of interesting comparisons that can be made there.

The New York Business Journal reported that Nick Khan sent an email to ESPN president John Skipper regarding “sexist and anti-religious” comments made by Portnoy towards one of Nick’s clients.

This resulted in the termination of Barstool’s contract with ESPN in 2017. Hence, when Barstool asked fans to pose questions they wanted to ask the AEW founder, Portnoy had a question ready.

“When he got Barstool Van Talk canceled why did he then invite me to sit next to him at a fight at MSG as his guest and pretend that I didn’t know he was responsible? Did he think I was stupid or that I’d just forget or is he just that two-faced?”


However, Portnoy later issued an apology after it was revealed by Big Cat, that person appearing on the show was AEW CEO Tony Khan and not Nick Khan.

“Quick correction. I got the wrong Khan. Tony we like. Nick is the guy who is full of s***. Carry on.”

However, Tony didn’t hesitate to take a dig at Nick Khan. In response to Big Cat’s tweet, Tony tweeted out to express his feelings.

“Two more different people we could not be,” Tony tweeted in response to Big Cat. “Here’s to not being two-faced.”

It seems like Tony Khan isn’t going to hold back from taking shots at his competitor anytime soon.

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