Update: We were told that AEW’s television was cancelled due to low viewership.

Original: Tony Khan is pulling out all the stops to produce a great show with Dynamite next week. The AEW president added multiple matches to the Dynamite anniversary lineup for next Wednesday. AEW is now facing backlash after announcing that they will stop airing in Spanish-speaking countries.

AEW recently took to Twitter to announce that their content will no longer be available on Space. They thanked their fans in Mexico, South America, Central America and the Caribbean for watching AEW on Space. However, they will only continue to stream content on Space Brazil.

AEW x @canalspace Update


Access #AEWPlus by @FiteTV

@spacebrasil will continue to carry AEW programming each week, and you can check out highlights here https://youtube.com/user/canalspacebr

Twitter account @luchablog retweeted the announcement to slam AEW’s decision. He highlighted the fact the AEW put their press release only in English to announce they’re no longer airing in Spanish-speaking countries.

“Having slept on it, I’m still struck by AEW putting out a press release only in English to announce they’re no longer airing in Spanish-speaking countries.” We’ll keep you updated on the backlash AEW faces after this announcement

Obviously, a lot of people are pretty upset by this announcement. Hopefully, those fans will be able to access FiteTV without any issues.

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