WWE is currently in the process of changing a lot of things. Triple H is never shy about being the radical force of change, and WWE title belts are the next agenda on the list.

The company is reportedly working on some new title designs. It appears that there’s been significant development on that front. Sean Sapp reported behind Fightful’s paywall that WWE has three completely finished sets of belts in line for a potential debut. Belt Fan Dan previously revealed the design behind the new belts. Though there are other designs available, there’s not much information on them.

Those that we’ve spoken to claim that there are at least three new sets of title belts that are finished and currently in hand by WWE. Belt Fan Dan highlighted a couple of those as new tag team belts. Dan noted they’re the existing design with a black strap, dual plates and a big WWE logo in the middle of them. He also stated there are old never used tag team titles, which look like the women’s tag titles on colored straps. WWE sources also indicated that other design alterations have been mentioned, though we didn’t get much elaboration on that.

Many WWE stars also gave their take on what kind of changes would serve them the best. After a question about whether they’d like the belts to have velcro or snaps, many talents noted that velcro is convenient, though it’s not a good aesthetic choice.


Several WWE talent we’ve spoken to of late have said that they’d been in favor of some changes to title belts personally. We asked about velcro vs. snaps, and several of the talent said that the velcro helps them when they need to attach the belt quickly, but cosmetically it looks bad.

WWE already had plans to incorporate the new designs even before the leadership changes in the company. It was added that WWE could also cosmetically switch things up with Raw, Smackdown, and NXT as well. NXT is currently witnessing the change.

Those that we’ve spoken to say that there were already plans in motion to utilize some new designs before the huge WWE regime change. However, Triple H hasn’t exactly been shy about changing things, and we’re told that has largely accelerated some things. We’ve heard that additional cosmetic changes to things across Raw, Smackdown and NXT could also be on the horizon. We’ve already seen logo changes on NXT.

WWE has entered a new era with Triple H. Along with cosmetic changes, we might see more changes in the coming months. It’s unknown when the belts will debut, though they’re ready to debut any time soon.

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