Brodie Lee is no longer with us. The ‘It’s Wednesday. You know what that means’ comes from his Twitter style which is used by fans worldwide. While Dark Order is a regular feature on television, the leader of The Dark Order didn’t want anything to do with Being The Elite.

Brodie led the group for nine months, and during this time he wanted to be taken seriously as a serious heel. While he was hesitant to be on BTE at first, he changed things and then Brodie was a feature on it too.

Speaking about the situation, Alan Angels appeared on a recent episode of Talk Is Jericho and talked about how this was all happening with some consent from Brodie Lee.

It started with Alex [Reynolds] and [John] Silver who were kinda doing the recruitment bits or whatever. Eventually, they got Brodie involved and Brodie was very hesitant about it at first because he wanted to be taken as this serious heel. He was kind of hesitant about it and stuff but once he did a few, he was like ‘Okay, I got this’. He could still be taken as this serious character, it was just the [rest of the Dark Order] who were lackees. We feared him and all this stuff, but kinda in a more comical way where on TV it was almost a more serious thing. Eventually, we started to do more BTE stuff on TV which I thought was pretty cool. The casket bit if you remember, he had just beat Cody for the TNT Title. Me, Silver, Reynolds and them bring out this casket while doing this little silly dance or whatever and we open the casket and it’s supposed to be Cody Rhodes in there but we open it and it’s Vance. He gets up and he flexes and to me it was so funny because it was a BTE bit that made it on to TV. It was at that point where Brodie thought ‘Okay, this could be something very cool’


The Vance segment is indeed cool and tells us that any fault can happen in wrestling. A BTE segment appeared on live television, but the experience made things work out.

With Brodie Lee no longer in control, Dark Order is still featured on television in September 2022. No one can guess what would have happened if Brodie Lee was still around.

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Amit Shukla

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