WWE played Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” to live crowds over the weekend, and this was also done during commercial break on RAW. It appears that the rabbit hole just got deeper. WWE Raw featured a QR code that was displayed twice. There’s a strong feeling both in fans and WWE stars that this is paving the way for Bray Wyatt to return.

The company is still building upon the intrigue, which might get tiresome for some fans. For them, WWE has released new White Rabbit merch, which just might get the fans through the wait.

The White Rabbit gear is available on WWE Shop. There are two designs for the gear. While one features the white rabbit with red eyes, the other one includes the Hangman game imagery from Monday’s teaser.

Who killed the world? You did. Grab this You Did T-Shirt before heading to the next premium live event and let the whole Universe know you’re always watching.

WWE Shop

Bray Wyatt was released from WWE a year ago, which shocked many fans. Ronda Rousey believes that the teases are strictly tied to Wyatt’s return. However, it’s hard to be sure, given how the secret about what’s behind the promos is hidden from pretty much everyone in WWE.

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