The AEW All Out media scrum ended in complete and utter disaster after CM Punk went on a scathing rant on Colt Cabana, Hangman Page, and The Young Bucks, verbally obliterating everyone involved. Chris Jericho recently addressed the problems that have arisen in AEW over the past month.

CM Punk, Ace Steel, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks got into a fight behind the scenes during the All Out media scrum. After prior problems with the promotion, such as Eddie Kingston Pie’s confrontation with Sammy Guevara and subsequent suspension, as well as the conflicts between Punk and Hangman Page, this occurred.

The Elite are no longer the Trios Champions, and Punk has lost the World Heavyweight Championship. The promotion has also suspended The Young Bucks and Omega. Jericho was questioned about the event and the locker’s response over the last three weeks during a GQ interview.

Without getting into specifics, it happens all the time. That’s one of the things about being around as long as I have: You just recalibrate and you focus on the positives and realize we got a great locker room, a great group of guys and girls. I think we re-established that [on TV the last few weeks]. We know that this is a pretty special place, and we’re gonna go out there and we’re gonna kill it. That’s what we did. It’s a reset and that’s exciting for everybody involved, including me. We’re just gonna keep building upon it. That’s what you do. That’s how you have longevity.


I bet you the Edmonton Oilers were terrified when Wayne Gretzky left, and they won a Stanley Cup that year. That’s just how it goes when somebody leaves—somebody else steps up. That’s the best thing about wrestling, or pro sports, or even SNL. Adam Sandler leaves and suddenly Jason Sudeikis is the big name or whatever. So absolutely we’re not gonna miss a beat. We’re gonna go on and become bigger and better and stronger than ever.

Jericho defeated Claudio Castagnoli on Wednesday’s edition of AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam to win the ROH World Heavyweight Title. EC3 also feels that AEW has severe lack of leadership following the brawl at AEW All Out. We will have to wait and see how AEW will weather the storm in the coming months.

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