Velveteen Dream had a notable time in the WWE. The former WWE NXT superstar was regarded for his work and his performance captivated fans, but on the flip side, things have been rough for him since he left the WWE after the Me Too allegation was raised against the superstar in 2020.

Patrick Clark was released and has been convicted in a November 2021 arrest by The Altamonte Springs Police Department, where Clark was charged with possession of cocaine. He was charged with the use or possession of drug paraphernalia, destroying/ altering/ concealing physical evidence.

It also came to light that he wasn’t having no lamps/ illuminating devices in his vehicle. Clark was arrested for that violation and jailed for 25 days in Seminole County, Florida. He was released on September 13th.

According to PW Insider, Patrick Clark’s court hearing for charges of battery and trespassing on a property, originally scheduled for September 28th, has been cancelled. The records indicate that the case has been closed.


The records accessed by TMZ confirmed that the attorneys didn’t have enough evidence on Dream so the case was “not suitable for prosecution.” The incident took place on August 20 at a gym in Florida where he allegedly punched and bit an employee.

Dream pleaded not guilty and was released on a bond of $1200 on the 9th of September. Dream’s dreams are getting shattered by what’s happening in his life. He needs to take control of it to make his dreams come to life.

What do you think of former WWE superstar Velveteen Dream’s life after leaving the company? Sound off in the comments.

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