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Tonight’s show will kick off with the US Championship match between Seth Rollins and the defending champion, Bobby Lashley. Also, we will see a rematch between Kevin Owens and Austin Theory. Tonight will also be interesting as Dexter Lumis makes his “MizTV” debut.


To start Raw, we have Seth Rollins make his way down the ramp with the San Jose crowd singing his them song loudly. Next, Lashley comes down with a hot baby face pop. It’s clear both men are soundly over with the WWE crowd. This has a big match feel to it already. The men start with a collar and elbow tie up, with Lashley getting the advantage. The crowd is still singing Rollins’ theme very loudly. Rollins quickly takes it outside and back in to try to get the advantage on Lashley. He ends up knocking Lashley’s head against the outside ring post. A missed opportunity for the Hurt Lock leads to two super kicks by Rollins, who goes for a Curb Stomp right after. Lashley reverses it and takes the action outside and runs Rollins over. We head to our first commercial of the night. As we return, Rollins has a deep bicep maneuver hooked on Lashley. Lashley reverses it to a roll up, but only gets two. Rollins continues attacking the biceps of Lashley. Lashley tries to suplex Rollins, but Rollins reverses it to attack Lashley over the ropes. This leads to a springboard knee to Lashley’s temple. Rollins continues stretching out Lashley’s biceps. Lashley finally gets out of it to try a suplex of Rollins, but Rollins flips Lashley over the ropes and continues the assault. After the second suicide dive, Lashley hauls up Rollins and throws him through the outside turnbuckle. We move on to our next commercial.

As we make our return, Lashley is attacking Rollins inside the ring up against the turnbuckle. Lashley really is starting to get some momentum going. A suplex leads to a near fall for Lashley. Lashley stays on the offensive and gears for a spear, but Rollins hits a knee. Right after, however, Lashley hits a move for another two count. This match has been great, with a lot of back and forth between the two men. Lashley heads to the top turnbuckle with Rollins for a possible superplex. Rollins actually reverses it to a buckle bomb. Rollins then hits a big frog splash, but again for a near fall. Rollins then locks in a submission right in the middle of the ring. Lashley’s bicep is getting stretched apart. Rollins really starts getting aggressive, elbowing Lashley to the head over and over. Rollins goes for the pedigree, but Lashley reverses it for a school boy pin, but only gets two. Lashley hits a running powerslam, and heads for another spear opportunity, but Rollins reverses it for a pedigree and a really close two count. Rollins attempts a stomp, but Lashley gets a Hurt Lock on Rollins. Rollins is close to fading, but makes his way to the ropes and reverses it to a pin. Lashley somehow kicks out and maintains grip, but a low blow gets Riddle off of Lashley. Matt Riddle comes out to distract Rollins who runs right into a spear from Lashley and Lashley retains. Great match to open the show.

Next, we go to a package from Damage CTRL, highlighting their WWE Women’s Tag Team Title win. Then we get the arrival of the women. We head to our next commercial break.

When we return from commercial we have the entrance of Damage CTRL in a new vehicle coming down to the ring. The women then have streamers come into the ring. It should be noted that Bayley is from the San Jose area, where they are tonight. Bayley gets some cheap heat with a sports reference to the Sharks not getting it done for championships. Dakota Kai mentions that the women’s division doesn’t need Alexa Bliss, Asuka, or women’s champ Bianca Belair. She says their is nothing else for those women to do but pack it up and go home. Belair, Bliss, and Asuka make their way to the ring. Belair says they weren’t planning on coming to the ring until the heels started running their mouths. Bayley tells Alexa she’s nothing more than a shell of her former self. Alexa challenges Bayley to a match, and then attacks Bayley. We will probably get this match later on tonight. Up next, after commercial, we will see Austin Theory take on Kevin Owens.

As we return from commercial, we get the Kevin Owens and Austin Theory match. Theory starts ultra aggressive, and before the bell even rings, attacks Owens on the outside. Owens staggers to his feet and makes his way inside the ring. The match starts and Owens takes down Theory and starts laying into him. But Theory quickly turns the tables stomping Owens in the corner turnbuckle. The action spills outside, where Theory throws Owens up against the table. Before Owens can get thrown into the steps, he reverses and throws Theory into the steps. However, Theory starts another brutal attack as we move to our next commercial. As we return, Owens is really taking it to Theory. After a 10 count to the head on the turnbuckle, Owens goes for a cannonball but misses as Theory moves out of the way. Austin Theory then goes for a sleeper submission, and a quick pin, but it only gets a one. Theory gets back on offense, however, and continues working on the neck of Owens. A DDT gets Owens a little breathing room, but he struggles to get to his feet. Owens starts taking it to Theory again and gets a two count after a brutal lariat. Owens misses a popup powerbomb and a stunner, and Theory goes on quick offense, but not for long. Owens goes to the top turnbuckle and hits a swanton bomb, but only for a two count. After a brawl on he turnbuckle, Owens goes for a dive, but misses and Theory capitalizes. He gets back to back two counts, and then a third. But Owens continues to kick out. Out of nowhere, Johnny Gargano appears holding the briefcase and smiles at Theory. Owens smashes Theory with a cannonball and popup powerbomb afterwards, and gets the 1,2,3. After the match, Gargano is still holding the briefcase and drops it on Theory below the belt. This may be a tease for a future match for the briefcase for the two men.

We then get a recap of the Judgement Day and Matt Riddle interaction from last week. Then we see Riddle walking in the back with Kevin Patrick interviewing him. Riddle cuts him off and tells him that he’s going to hunt Rollins down until he gets his rematch. Patrick informs us that we are going to get Rey Mysterio and Riddle vs Judgement Day later in the night. Riddle says he owes it to Rey after last week, and vows to take out Judgement Day for a legend. We head to another commercial.

When we return we get a recap of last Friday Night’s Smackdown segment where Logan Paul and Paul Heyman make the match official for the Undisputed World Universal Championship. Next, we get the entrance of the Brawling Brutes with a special Monday Night Raw segment. Butch and Ridge Holland come down challenging The Uso’s for the tag team titles. They are cut off by Street Profits. They cut a promo and are challenged by the Brawling Brutes for a match. We will get this match after commercial.

The match kicks off with Street Profits really showing off their athleticism and even get a quick near fall. Butch and Ford go back and forth with some really nice offense for each. Ford hits a great drop kick and tags in Dawkins. Butch kicks out at 2 after a double team move. Butch shows off his technical mastery by attack all joints of Dawkins that he can get his hands on. Holland and Dawkins then share a back and forth before Dawkins gets tagged in a immediately hits an aerial move for a two count. The two men go back and forth until Holland lays a lariat into the chest of Ford, and immediately tags in Butch for more attack. Butch gets a lot of offense in before tagging back out and Holland continues striking Ford. Both Holland and Butch get Ford stuck on the ropes on the outside and chop and punch Ford’s chest and eventually knock him off the apron. We head to break. After commercial, Butch is still attacking Ford, really twisting him every which way. Butch and Holland continue their dominance on the Street Profits. Ford finally gets a chance for a tag after hitting a DDT on Butch. He finally gets a hot tag to Dawkins as Butch tags in Holland. Dawkins clears house and hits a double underhook swinging neck breaker. He gets a two count on that move but continues good work on the inside. A nice double team move by Holland and Butch gets them back on top and a nearfall gives them more momentum. Butch locks in a triangle choke on Dawkins, but Dawkins stands up and Ford gets a tag in to hit a huge avalanche blockbuster. This only gets two, though, as Holland comes in to make the save at two. All four men then get in the ring, but Profits knock them out and Ford hits a huge dive outside. As Ford is going for another avalanche brainbuster to Holland, Butch stops him and snaps Ford’s fingers. This leads to Holland hitting a move and Butch getting the pinfall victory.

Up next we get a recap of everything that has happened the past few weeks with Edge, Dominik Mysterio, Rey, and Judgement Day. Rey is then in the back being interviewed, and Rey says he can’t help but think if he paid more attention to Dominik’s resentment he could’ve stopped Judgement Day. He says he isn’t ever going to give up on his son. He says everything he’s ever done in this world has been for Dominik, and that his future legacy is carrying on the Mysterio name. But it’s only if he wants to. Riddle comes in to somewhat comfort Rey as we go to commercial break.

When we get back, we have Johnny Gargano and Alpha Academy cutting a promo. Gable says he has a problem with Johnny, but Kevin Owens comes to help Johnny out. He says if there is a problem with Johnny then there is a problem with him. Gable challenges Owens and Gargano to a tag team match next week, which is in Canada.

Up next, we have Judgement Day come out for a quick promo before a tag team match. Rhea Ripley says last week they took out everyone in front of them, and that they run Monday Night Raw. She says now with Dominik by their side, no one is going to stop them because he’s now all man. Finn chimes in to say that Dom is a man, a brave one in fact. He says it takes a lot to stand up to someone else, but even more to stand up to their father. Priest says he loves Dominik, a man who no longer walks in a shadow. He says Dom is their standing tall, while Edge isn’t standing at all. They continue to talk about Edge. Then Rhea tells Dom that Papi is very proud of him. The crowd will absolutely not let Dominik speak. As he finally does, he says he’s very proud as well. He says he couldn’t be prouder to be standing beside his real family, Judgement Day. Finn says they need to capture this moment with a family photo. They take a picture as Finn then starts to bash San Jose. Shortly after, Matt Riddle and Rey Mysterio make their way to the ring. We will get this match next. Commercial shortly follows this segment.

The match starts with Finn and Riddle going collar and elbow with Balor taking Riddle to the turnbuckle. Between Balor and Priest, they keep Riddle away from Mysterio. However, Riddle finally hits a reversal and gets momentum going. Mysterio gets a tag in and gets a quick pin fall for a two count. Balor gets a tag in to Priest though who goes to town on Mysterio. Balor comes in to continue the beat down with some outside trash talk from Rhea and Dominik. Rey desperately needs a hot tag to Riddle, but can’t get out of the half of the ring surrounded by Judgement Day. A counter to the three amigos gets Rey to Riddle and Riddle goes to work on Balor. Riddle gets a two count on Balor before heading to the top for a Floating Bro, but Balor moves out of the way. Balor then gets some double team offense with Priest. Priest hits a variation of South of Heaven to the apron as we head to commercial. When we get back, we see Rhea on the outside attack Riddle. He gets thrown back in for another two count. Judgement Day keeps the ring split in half, attacking Riddle. Riddle finally hits a Bro to Sleep, and makes his way to Mysterio for another hot tag. Mysterio and Balor have a quick back and forth, as Mysterio goes for a high risk maneuver. Mysterio finally gets his momentum halted. However, he reverses it for a potential 619, but gets pulled out. He gets back in the ring however, hits the 619 to Balor, but Ripley distracts Mysterio and the referee. This leads to Seth Rollins attacking Riddle. Rey runs off Rollins with a chair, but Dominik comes over. Dominik gives himself up for Rey to hit with the chair, but Rey can’t. He gets in the ring instead and eats a chokeslam from Priest and a Coup de Grace. This is enough for the pinfall win for Judgement Day.

Up next, we have a recap of last week’s Miz and Maryse segment with Dexter Lumis. We will have Miz TV coming up after the commercial break.

Backstage, we have Riddle and Rollins get in a huge fight. Rollins tells Riddle any time and any place and they’ll fight. It looks like we will get this match soon. Miz TV starts up and Miz goes off about Dexter Lumis. He says during his little girl’s birthday party, he punched a Minion because he thought Lumis was in one of the costumes. From underneath the ring, Lumis seems to be cutting the ring from the bottom. There is a hole in the ring, and Lumis pulls Miz all the way below the ring, but Miz escapes. Miz and Ciampa leave the ring, as Lumis stares them down going up the ramp. We head to commercial.

It is advertised for next week, that we have the tag team match of Alpha Academy vs Kevin Owens and Johnny Gargano. Also, we will have Priest vs Matt Riddle. In the back, Judgement Day are celebrating their win. Dominik makes the comment that he needs to go out with Priest because he has a new Mami to celebrate with. Balor sees AJ Styles in the back, and asks if he’s ignoring him. He says no that they haven’t talked because he’s joined Judgement Day. Styles says he has no interest. Balor asks Styles if he’s looking for a fight, but then says no that he’s not looking for a fight. He tells Styles the offer to join Judgement Day always stands while throwing up the “too sweet” hand gesture.

Up next, we will have our main event for the night, Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley. It should be noted that Asuka and Bianca Belair are outside the ring for Alexa, and Damage CTRL are out for Bayley. Starting the match, Bayley gets Alexa to the corner turnbuckle, and tries getting in some quick offense, but Bliss reverses it and takes control. Bayley, however, starts getting some offense in and working over Alexa. After about 5 minutes, Alexa starts getting some offense in with a reversal of a sleeper and a bulldog variant to the ropes. However, Bayley gets back the momentum and goes after the knee of Alexa Bliss right in front of Asuka and Bianca Belair. The action continues outside at the announce table. Bayley picks Alexa up and on the announce table, but Alexa gets a reversal and a dive off the table to knock Bayley down before our last commercial break. When we get back, Bayley starts targeting Alexa’s knee. Bliss does get some offense in and even a two count but it’s obvious her knee is bothering her. The two women share roll up pins, but none of them work for the win. Bayley goes for the Bayley to Belly, but only gets a two count. Bayley goes for another pin and puts her feet on the ropes, but Bianca Belair knocks them off and we get action outside between Damage CTRL and Asuka and Belair. A DDT leads to a Bliss attempt at the top rope but she is knocked off by Iyo Sky. This leads to a Rose Plant and the 123 win. Damage CTRL then take out Asuka, but then Belair comes in to take down Bayley. However, the numbers game comes into affect and the heels go out on top as the show comes to an end. Bayley finally tells Bianca that she wants the Raw Women’s Title at Extreme Rules in three weeks.

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