Cesaro is Claudio Castagnoli now, and he is also the ROH Champion. He never got his due during his time in the WWE and worked as a mid-carder despite having all the credentials to be a main eventer.

WWE never invested in The Swiss Superman, but that didn’t stop The Cesaro Section leader from giving his best shot during his time in the developmental division of the WWE.

NXT was called FCW at that time, which was an abbreviation for Florida Championship Wrestling. According to Cesaro’s words on “Insight with Chris Van Vliet,” WWE wasn’t too supportive or paid attention to Mike Dalton, who would come to known as the selfie-taking Tyler Breeze.

During his first televised match on September 22nd, 2011 with Breeze, he performed an uppercut and Breeze performed the reaction to perfection. It increased company’s interest in the performer.


I just got [FCW] and I wrestled my first match ever against him on FWV TV, I don’t think they were very high on him at that time, which I don’t know, and the Uppercut he was talking about was when I pop the guy up and I Uppercut them on the way down and he just took it like a madman and went super high in the sky and I took his head off … I uppercutted his head off, but saved his job in the process because they were not high on him before.

Breeze worked in FCW with Leakee, now called The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. Breeze later won the FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship, the FCW Florida Tag Team Championships alongside Leakee and the NXT Tag Team Championships alongside Fandango in 2020 before being released in 2021.

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