Teddy Long made a name for himself in many avenues throughout the pro wrestling business. He was also quite fond of declaring that someone was set to go one-on-one with The Undertaker. Despite that link, Long wasn’t invited to The Deadman’s big day.

Theodore Long, or Teddy Long as we call him had a favourite catchphrase, “Hold on a minute Playa.” It became synonymous with his theme song and Hola, Hola, Hola dance.

Teddy spoke exclusively to Wrestling Inc and said he was not called up for The Undertaker’s ceremony. Notably, Teddy managed Taker before he became The Undertaker. He was called Mean Mark Callous.

I managed Undertaker before he was ever Undertaker,” Long said. “He was Mean Mark Callous.


Teddy has nothing but the utmost respect for the business and the company, but it was the fact that “some people” didn’t want him there at the big moment and in the ceremony.

I’m just saying to you, like I said, didn’t bother me. I don’t care. Because I know this business and I know that there are people that didn’t want me there, and know who those people are. So, I’m just saying to you, how do you miss that?

We’ll have to see if Teddy Long and The Undertaker ever meet again. They sure made a lot of memories along the way, even if they were unable to re-visit them at the WWE Hall of Fame.

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Amit Shukla

Amit Shukla is a huge "Stone Cold' Steve Austin fan and movie buff who loves to write about wrestling. Favorite movies include Inception, and Ankhon Dekhi among others.

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