WWE pulled off a few crossovers with the main roster and NXT 2.0 to generate interest. Dolph Ziggler had some success down in the third brand, even becoming NXT Champion for a short while. He’s also very grateful for that brief fun.

Ziggler was a guest on the In The Kliq Podcast and recently discussed plenty of topics. When Nash asked Dolph about his time with NXT 2.0, Ziggler went into detail about how the run was presented to him.

It’s something that was in a cool way since I’ve been around for a while, sometimes they’re like, ‘Hey, we need to do this today. It happens in two minutes. Get it done,’ because I can,” Dolph Ziggler said. “And in this situation, it was something that for a month or two before like, ‘What do you think about this? You think this could work? Could you help this guy? Could you make this fun?’ And we thought about it and pitched it back and forth behind the scenes, several of us. I said you know what; this could be really fun. I can sink my teeth into something go at it from a different angle.

“I was the guy who busted into someone else’s show to talk trash on the champ and then have him come out looking better at the end. And when you see it that way and go, here’s the long-term thing where we can go in a month or two, and even then, it ended up being so fun and working out so well that we extended it a little bit longer. So that’s the cool thing about this business. Nothing is set in stone; if they say hey, we need you for three weeks in NXT, it’s like, okay, what am I doing? I’m working on my days off, whatever.


“Then it becomes, oh, this really clicked. Let’s double the time. Let’s make this special. Let’s get a title on the line. Let’s get it and see if we can get everybody talking about it just a little bit more and then you get extra excited that I’m on the treadmill on my day off going okay, we can go here, we can try this and it just gets your creative juices flowing even more so and so that ended up being — it was supposed to be I don’t know three four weeks it ended up being six or seven because it went so well. And there was all these ideas floating around.

“It was just really nice to mix it up because, for the longest time, I was a singles competitor by myself ten straight [years] here and doing what I do. And I got the tag with big Bob Robert Roode, who’s awesome, and then him and I just got on the same page so much that you get so used to that you’re in this cycle of like okay, we’re gonna have this tag match we’re gonna make this work and do something awesome. And then it’s boom, go to NXT, fight for the title. See what the hell happens and you go; alright, let’s mix it up again.”

Dolph may go down as the top underrated Grand Slam performer in WWE history. He may not have a history as a top main eventer, but he will remember for helping talent get over to audiences for their careers in the long term.

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Andre Porter

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