Andrade El Idolo is one of the most promising superstars in AEW. All Elite Wrestling signed him last year and he appeared at the AEW Double or Nothing show. The response was immense, but it faded with time.

What’s also faded is his ability to use his spinning elbow move. The reason behind the situation goes to the fact that it has a striking resemblance to Chris Jericho’s Judas Effect finisher.

Idolo responded when a fan tweeted about it. The clip showed Idolo using the move on Johnny Gargano when they were in NXT. Idolo was in NXT from November 2015 to April 2018. He replied to admit that this is a move that AEW won’t let him do.

I can’t use that move anymore


Andrade was called up to the WWE main roster, but he was underutilized. His AEW run hasn’t been that remarkable, either with his matches involving his faction or as an individual performer.

AEW must understand that they have a golden opportunity with El Idolo on their side. If they fail to cash on it, Mexico’s AAA promotion and others will be happy to oblige and take him away.

What do you think of Andrade El Idolo’s AEW run so far? Sound off in the comments.

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