AJ Styles shocked the world when in 2016 he signed with WWE. It was Styles’ second stint with the WWE, with the first one never making it beyond the developmental stage.

WWE knows how to hype things, and now he has something else to crow about. Styles has competed in more matches in WWE already in 6 years than what he did in TNA.

Styles wrestled 545 matches in TNA between 2004 and his final bout was in 2013. His WWE match record currently stands at 556.

The first 97 matches that Styles wrestled in TNA were under the NWA/TNA Banner, so if that is added, then Styles still has 87 matches to go before he can officially break the record. Either way, it’s very likely that Styles will break that record soon enough.


Although AJ Styles said his current WWE contract might be his last full-time deal, it can be assured that he will break the TNA record considering that he wrestles on weekly television, house shows, and pay-per-view events.

Do you think his return at Royal Rumble 2016 was the shocking moment of his career? Sound off in the comments.

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