WWE Raw did an excellent job at keeping the fans at bay this week. The show saw new Women’s Tag Team Champions and even saw The Judgement Day attack Edge during the main event of the show. The commercial breaks also included a surprise.

What confused fans and Hit Row’s Top Dolla was the ‘Cult of Personality’ music being played during a commercial segment during WWE Raw. It was an NFL commercial hyping Aaron Rodgers.

Top Dolla was so taken by the theme song being played that he dropped his food and rushed to see what was happening. It doesn’t come as a surprise as Punk is on the receiving end of some bad publicity, and his music on a WWE show after all these years can cause anyone to be amazed.

Bro I went to the kitchen right before the commercial break and heard “Cult of Personality” and almost dropped my damn food running back into the living room. That commercial play too much #WWERAW


The fans were taken off guard as the commercial happened right after a wrestling segment. As for CM Punk, the two time AEW Champion is currently out of action due to an injury and the events following the AEW All Out Media Scrum.

CM Punk’s immediate future is unknown as anything can happen based on the findings of the internal investigation. The 43-year-old superstar’s career hangs in the balance as there’s uncertainty of what will happen with Punk who returned last year to wrestling after leaving WWE in 2014.

What do you think of CM Punk’s theme song getting played during WWE Raw commercial? Sound off in the comments.

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