Social Media is a double-edged sword. Roman Reigns has had some experience with trolls, but it looks like the WWE Universal Champion has found a solution to it.

While speaking on the Impaulsive podcast, The Tribal Chief was asked about whether he takes trolls seriously or if he passes them by without disturbing his peace of mind. Roman Reigns had a selective choice of words for them. He said:

On that internet, they will spew at someone. You know that better than anyone. They will come in with some negativity on that internet, but in real life, NEVER! Early on I had an elevated way of thinking about it, as a human you are saying “I’m going to clap back on this guy.” You get a little pop for like a few thousand people that are with you. You like make someone famous for 15 minutes that’s on the internet, and then you’re like, “I’m kind of like a jerk for that.”

Now it’s character stuff only. I’m not responding to haters or trying to clap back. It’s funny for a second, but at the same time it’s a waste of breath. You don’t want someone to have access to your anger button. Only one person has that, and that’s my wife. So I just won’t show it to them. They won’t be able to locate it, so therefore they won’t be able to push it.


Roman maintains his cool in all situations. The Needle Mover knows when to start a conversation and when to spark controversy. The Tribal Chief knows about these trolls in a big way, as they try to dictate everything he does.

The calm approach tells us why he is The Head of the Table. A leader leads by example, and Roman Reigns is doing just that. He tries to be clear and concise to the fans in his promos and in-ring action. Of course, everything changed when Paul Heyman walked into the picture.

Transcription by Ringside News

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