Alexa Bliss has been part of WWE for several years now and has worked hard to make herself one of the highlights of the women’s division. She is a former RAW and Smackdown Women’s Champion and remains a highlight of WWE television. Bliss also recently complained about her flight getting delayed.

Alexa Bliss recently took to Twitter to drop random daily updates and struggles. She said that her flight got delayed because of a broken tray table and they had to wait for maintenance. Bliss is frustrated by the fact that it was the third AA flight that got delayed this week.

Y’all … my flight is delayed because a TRAY TABLE in row 17 is broken. & we have to wait for maintenance. I CANT MAKE THIS UP 😂 3rd AA flight that’s been delayed this week 😂🙈

Bliss returned to WWE television back in May. Since then, she has taken part in numerous matches and also engaged in quite a few feuds. The last time Bliss held a singles title was four years ago, in 2018, when she was the RAW Women’s Champion.


Bliss previously claimed that she is “boring” as herself, because she simply enjoys lounging on the couch and watching Netflix, which doesn’t translate to television. This might be the same reason why she got so worked up with the delayed flight. Check out her tweet below.

What’s your take on this terrible travel story? Sound off in the comments!

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