Tough Enough hasn’t been on the air for years, but there are fans who would love to see the show’s return. It turns out that some cast members might like to see the show come back.

Bill DeMott was on Tough Enough, and he currently works as a trainer for the WWE. He tweeted that wants to see a new season of WWE Tough Enough on our television screens on the USA Network. The announcement sent good vibes to all wrestling fans.

While this was just a wishlist, Adam Pearce said that The Universe has its own way to do great things. Tough Enough has given us an opportunity to witness new and effective talent on our TV screens who get trained by the best in the business.

Tough Enough saw six seasons, and if there’s a new season, then this will be the start of the seventh season. The good part is that if it happens, then this start will happen under a new regime. With NXT already happening on Tuesdays, Wednesday might be on WWE’s mind.


NXT already trains and helps the new superstars showcase their skills on television each week, They train at the WWE Performance Center which is an excellent space for learning. If there’s a revamped version of Tough Enough, WWE might give us a better look behind those doors.

Will you be excited for a new season of Tough Enough? Sound off in the comments.

Amit Shukla

Amit Shukla is a huge "Stone Cold' Steve Austin fan and movie buff who loves to write about wrestling. Favorite movies include Inception, and Ankhon Dekhi among others.

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