Miro used to work under the name Rusev when he was in WWE. During his time in the company, Miro was largely underutilized and fans were unhappy with his booking as well. Miro recently took a dig at his AEW booking, because he hasn’t been used much by Tony Khan either.

Miro recently took to Twitter and shared a Looney Tunes meme. The meme GIF features the Looney Tunes character Wile E. Coyote looking around for his rival Road Runner with a pair of huge binoculars. The GIF naturally seems to take a shot at AEW’s booking. He didn’t include much of a caption, but Miro did drop an “IDK” emoji instead of words.


Miro previously shared some advice for wrestlers who are dissatisfied with the amount of television time they receive in AEW. Miro was taken off AEW programming for several months after losing to Bryan Danielson in an AEW Title Eliminator tournament match at Full Gear in November, so he is aware of what these wrestlers are going through.


Miro initially missed time due to a hamstring injury, but eventually received a medical clearance and continued to play for Khan. Miro returned to AEW television in June. Only time will tell what’s next for the Redeemer. You may check out his tweet below.

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