Eric Bischoff ran WCW, and he knows a thing or two about the warning signs when things start to fall about. Now, he sees Tony Khan dealing with his own issues. Bischoff had tons of pressure keeping WCW afloat and popular during his tenure there, and Tony Khan is having his own set of issues.

With the news of the weekend being centered completely on AEW drama, Bischoff decided to chime in with his thoughts on the carnage. He went into detail about CM Punk and Khan specifically in a series of tweets.

Punks whiney ass meltdown and subsequent burial of the company, as well as emasculating TK in public-at a “press conference” no less-is a far bigger issue than the high school lunchroom fight back stage bs.

It seems as if Bischoff was not a fan of what Punk’s backstage interview and altercation means for AEW’s status in the future. It also seems like he thinks CM Punk made Tony Khan look bad going into business for himself right in front of the boss.


Bischoff also made mention of what it would take for someone to fire a top draw like CM Punk. He was very short, blunt, and to the point when asked this question.


AEW handed out suspensions to everyone who was involved in the All Out media scrum fiasco. We will find out more tonight from Tony Khan about the status of the AEW Championship and AEW Trios Championship. Stay tuned to Ringside News to keep up to date with all happenings in AEW.

Is Bischoff right about his thoughts on this matter with CM Punk, Tony Khan, and AEW as a whole?

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