The Acclaimed is considered to be one of the more popular tag teams in AEW. However, a certain veteran won’t scissor them until they win tag team gold.

Wrestling Inc recently spoke with Anthony Bowens of The Acclaimed and asked if there’s anyone they would like to scissor in AEW. Bowens said that Mark Henry is on that list, but Henry won’t do it until he and Max Caster are tag team champions.

“There’s plenty of people, but number one right now is Mark Henry. And that’s simply because he said that he will not scissor The Acclaimed until we win tag team gold. So not only, if we win tag team gold, do we have the prestige of the tag team division, we get to scissor Mark Henry,” Bowens said. “So it’s like a double goal.”

Hausman then asked about the potential of working with Henry on television and Bowens said they still have Billy Gunn with them, but Henry could be a good heater for them.


“Somebody’s going to get their ass kicked if Mark Henry is going to be our heater. I don’t know, either or. I mean, I can’t betray Daddy Ass. He’s been very protective of us, even though we had that little rough patch that we have to have a talk about,” Bowens stated. “But no, Mark would be cool. That’d be fun.”

Bowens said that if he had to pick a “forbidden” scissor, it’d be Tetsuya Naito.

“Let’s go with Naito, because next year at Forbidden Door, if for some reason we don’t have a tag match and there happens to be a singles match open. I think the Five Tool Player versus Naito, wherever Forbidden Door is going to be, would be a crazy singles match,” he explained. “And I’d scissor him right before I punch him in the face.”

Henry might get the chance to scissor The Acclaimed if the team gets a rematch for the tag team titles. Tony Khan did address the potential for that match during his All Out post-show media scrum, and it might be a good one to revisit at Grand Slam according to his comments.

What do you think of Henry not scissoring The Acclaimed just yet? Sound off in the comments!

Andre Porter

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