Eric Bischoff literally has decades’ worth of insight when it comes to pro wrestling. The former WCW president is very critical of AEW superstar CM Punk. After he claimed that CM Punk is the biggest financial flop in the history of AEW, Punk fired back in his own defense.

Bischoff is still not done with his criticism of Punk. This time, he took to Twitter and responded to a fan’s tweet about the AEW star. The fan said that Bischoff feels like he’s the one calling everything that’s been going on with Punk.

One fan asked for Easy E’s take on whether Punk is having a similar effect on the AEW roster as “Hollywood Hogan” once had on the WCW roster. Bischoff took this opportunity to blast Punk once again for being a financial flop.

I mean love or hate him @subhojeetmukherjeeischoff feels like the guy calling all this. I’ve heard


@Konnan5150 shoot warnings. Would love to hear if they agree that Punk is having the Hollywood Hogan effect on the roster.

Mostly it feels like fan booking without oversight.

The WWE Hall of Famer said that Punk is not having the “Hogan effect” at all. He further elaborated by saying that Hogan was actually able to bring more money in and grow the business.

Definitely not having the “Hogan effect”. @HulkHogan drew money and grew our business.

Punk has claimed in his defense that his presence in AEW would benefit them in the long run. While he’s under a lot of pressure for the latest fiascos, he is definitely of the opinion that AEW is capable of a lot more growth.

What’s your take on this CM Punk situation? Sound off in the comments!

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