Happy Corbin has been on a losing streak since Madcap Moss beat him. The former constable of Raw has seen bad days, but the losing streak was catching up on him. He was pondering backstage on SmackDown this week after losing to Shinsuke Nakamura when a familiar vehicle came along.

A limo with horns showed up and asked about what’s happened to him. The voice sounded like JBL, which got confirmation from the commentary team. The Happy Corbin character may be over. We may see a new character on television soon.

If you remember the WCW days, DDP portrayed a similar character. The character never saw an intervention by someone like JBL at that time. This entry may help us witness an all-new Corbin. He may return as Baron Corbin, who rides a limo and shades of JBL’s character in it.

John Bradshaw Layfield is an exceptional storyteller, but we would have to see if he fits in this storyline. We have seen the return of various veterans in the past. WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair did mention that Triple H would not consider part-timers for any role in the company.


JBL returning to a full-time position will be a great idea, as WWE needs some visionary minds to showcase its product. Whether this is a good sign or not is something we get to know in the foreseeable future.

You can read the SmackDown results here. Also, do you think there will be a change in the character? Sound off in the comments.

Amit Shukla

Amit Shukla is a huge "Stone Cold' Steve Austin fan and movie buff who loves to write about wrestling. Favorite movies include Inception, and Ankhon Dekhi among others.

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