Ricky Starks witnessed AEW’s growth as the company continued bringing in more talent to their roster. A talent meeting was held prior to the August 24th episode of AEW Dynamite, and numerous reports surfaced about the atmosphere in the AEW locker room. However, the backstage drama is not Ricky Starks’ cup of tea.

Starks was questioned about the current atmosphere at AEW’s backstage environment while appearing on the Battleground podcast. Undoubtedly, the locker room has altered. He said that he absolutely despises the drama surrounding the backstage antics. Starks thinks it somewhat overshadows some of the television-related events.

The locker room has definitely changed. Where we were once really really close, we’ve expanded that, we’re still close, we just have more family now, more people that sit at the table. I definitely think that the drama of the backstage stuff, while it does pique the interest of people online, I fucking hate it. The reason I hate it is because it kind of overshadows some of the stuff that happens on TV. For that, I’d rather not be involved with it, but you have people backstage who have loose lips, that’s what happens, and now we’ve created a scenario where we have all the rumors and speculation because that’s all it is. I promise you, what you read is not necessarily true.

Starks gained a fan following thanks to his solid mic skills. Ricky Starks is currently one of the highlights of AEW television, and there is a good reason for that. The FTW Champion has worked hard to establish himself as a solid talent, and fans continue to support him.


Ricky Starks was part of a huge 3-way tag team match for the AEW Tag Team Championships at Double Or Nothing. While he was not able to win the match, Starks certainly impressed fans with his performance. We’ll have to see what’s next in store for Ricky Starks as Tony Khan’s company continues, with or without drama..

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