AEW’s Full Gear is the next big event coming from the promotion. There’s a lot of speculation about different settings of the show, such as its line-up and date. It seems there’s also a location set for the show.

Full Gear is traditionally done in November, though no city or venue has been finalized for it. Sean Sapp Ross from Fightful revealed behind his paywall that some staff and talent got the word in early August that the show is planned to take place in Newark, New Jersey.

There is still no specific word on the date of the show. However, it makes sense for the show to take place in Newark. AEW has had a few shows in Newark. Dynamite, Rampage, and Dark: Elevation tapings were localized in the city’s Prudential Center.

Thus far, All Elite Wrestling’s November tradition Full Gear doesn’t have a host city or venue announced. However, several talent and staff were informed in early August that the working plan was for the show to take place in Newark, New Jersey in early November. No firm date was given was given for the show to those that we’ve spoken to.

It wouldn’t be AEW’s first time in Newark. The company ran Dynamite, Rampage and Dark: Elevation tapings in the city in September 2021 and January 2022. Both shows were at the Prudential Center, with the first reportedly nearing 14,000 in attendance. We haven’t had it confirmed that the Prudential Center is the targeted venue, though it would make sense. The location is not official until AEW announces it.


The tapings were recorded in September 2021 and January 2022. The first AEW show in Newark reportedly attracted 14,000 in attendance. The Prudential Center is the most logical choice for AEW to hold Full Gear. However, it’s still not official as AEW hasn’t made an announcement on it yet.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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