It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for AEW Dynamite is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • AEW World Trios Championship Tournament Dynamite Final: Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks vs. Will Ospreay & Aussie Open
  • Bryan Danielson vs. Jake Hager
  • Toni Storm & Hikaru Shida vs. Dr Britt Baker D.M.D. & Jamie Hayter
  • We Hear From The Undisputed AEW World Champion Jon Moxley

JR welcomes us to the show as Jon Moxley makes his entrance! Moxley soaks in the crowd as he walks to the ring. He gets a mic as the crowd chant “CM Punk!” Moxley says he knows Chicago loves Punk but he thinks they are still mopping him up off the amt in Cleveland. Moxley says Punk is a load of crap, when guys get in the ring with Moxley they find out what they are really made of. Last week we learned what Punk was made of, Punk doesn’t care. He was looking for a way out. He folded.

Moxley says champions never fold. He is sorry Punk didn’t turn out to be what they wanted him to be. It didn’t work out. Moxley has zero sympathy for Punk. Punk fragile ego, fragile body, weak mind, weak spirit. Moxley has an open contract for a match at All Out. Anybody, any time, any place. Who will sign it? Maybe somebody for New Japan. When you step in the ring with Moxley, I can out marathon you, out fight you, I give far fewer “you know whats” than you do. Wrestling Moxley is hazardous to your health. Moxley leaves the contract in the ring and leaves.


Ace Steel (CM Punk’s friend and AEW producer) walks down, picks up the contract and pockets it.

Tony Schiavone is with Chris Jericho, he says it is a dream match for most, a nightmare match for one. Who is the better wrestler? Stu Hart would appreciate his contributions than Bryans. He will win at All Out. Daniel Garcia walks in, apologies for last week and pledges his loyalty to the JAS. He believes in Jericho. Jericho says all’s fair in wreselting and romance, Danielson. Watch your back.

Bryan Danielson makes his entrance. William Regal joins commentary. Jake Hager is out next, accompanied by Chris Jericho, who also joins commentary.

Bryan Danielson vs. Jake Hager

Danielson with kicks, Hager blocks, Danielson picks the ankle, Hager powers him to the corner, clubbing blows. Hager throws Danielson across the ring, uppercut, Danielson gets a guillotine, Hager powers out, Danielson throws him out of the ring and hits a Suicide Dive. Hager catches a dive off the apron and powerslams Danielson through the timekeepers table.

Hager throws Danielson into the ring post then hits a suplex on the outside. Back in the ring, clubbing blows from Hager, Hager blocks a knee bar, Hager with shoulder tackles in the corner then hits another powerslam.

Picture in Picture.

Hager with chops on the top rope, right hands, Danielson hits a missile dropkick. Danielson with kicks, Yes Kicks, cover, 2 count. Danielson with the Hammer and Anvil elbows, Hager escapes, Danielson goes for an armbar, Hager escapes and hits right hands. Danielson gets a Triangle Choke, Hager powers out and hits a Powerbomb.

Danielson goes for the LeBell Lock, Hager escapes and gets an Ankle Lock. Danielson reverses into the LeBell Lock, Hager gets to the ropes. Danielson with chops in the corner, kicks, running dropkicks, Hager catches him into a Uranage. Danielson hits the Busaiku Knee, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Bryan Danielson!

The JAS runs down and attack Danielson, the BCC run down to make the save. Castagnoli rights Manard up the ramp. Yuta fights Parker on the barricade. Jericho runs down with a chair and faces Danielson. Daniel Garcia runs down and takes the chair away from Jericho. As Jericho is distracted, Danielson hits the Busaiku Knee. Danielson smiles at Garcia as he leaves.

Commercial Break.

The Wingman are in the ring with flash card. They complain about not being booked again. W Morrisey makes his entrance! He strides down to the ring, and takes out Cezar Bononi, then Nemeth, then hits a Chokeslam to JD Drake. Stokely Hathaway walks down, Morrisey with a Chokeslam to Nemeth, a boot to Bononi, then a delayed Chokeslam to Avalon. Hathaway gives him a business card. and Morrisey walks to the back with Hathaway.

Tony Schiavone asks Hathaway about the cards. Stokely says its none of his business. Hathaway gets in Schiavone’s face then walks away.

Marvez is backstage with United Empire. Don Callis comes in and shakes Ospreay’s hand. Callis says tonight match is the most exciting for him. Ospreay tells them both to leave.

Britt Baker makes her entrance, along with Rebel and Jamie Hayter. Shida and Storm enter to Toni Storm’s music.

Toni Storm & Hikaru Shida vs. Dr Britt Baker D.M.D. & Jamie Hayter

Shida and Hayter trade blows, Hayter with a shoulder block, Shida kips up, hurricanrana, Hayter gets spiked. Shida with stomps in the corner, tag to Storm, Sledge to the spine. Storm does the same, Hayter with a Jawbreaker. Baker tags in, Storm with an elbow strike, Hayter trips Storm.

Picture in Picture.

Storm with a Tornado DDT, tag to Shida, Shida with strikes, 10 shots in the corner, Suplex, Meteora from the ropes, cover, 2 count as Baker breaks the count. Storm with a dropkick, Hayter with a double suplex. Baker tags in, neckbreaker to Shida, cover, 2 count. Shida with a roll up, 2 count. Baker with a rolling elbow, Shida with a springboard dropkick.

Shida takes out Baker, Storm takes out Hayter, Shida hits the Katana kick on Baker, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Toni Storm & Hikaru Shida!

Recap of Kip Sabian’s return last week. He will face Pac for the All-Atlantic Title at All Out.

Commercial Break.

Miro, Darby Allin and Sting/House of Black video package.

CM Punk makes his entrance! “CM Pun” chants, Punk says he broke his foot on June 1st. His surgeon say he pulverised the bones in his foot. He got surgery, 3 plates and 16 screws. He came back too early, last week he was beaten in Cleveland and he had to drive home with just his thoughts. Something this time didn’t sit right with him. Last week he was cleared, he was 100%, but the problem is its a new 100% and he doesn’t know if that is good enough.

Punk says he came back to wrestling because he loved it, and he loved you fans, that’s why it hurts because he let them down. He let Larry down because he couldn’t walk him. He let his sister down… Punk is crying!

Maybe that love isn’t enough anymore. Ace Steel walks down and asks what is going on. Steel says that’s not what they talked about. Steel says he trained Punk, he has been his coach from day one. Punk has been fighting from underneath from day one. Steel says they are family. Steels says he’s not letting Punk walks away. Steel slaps Punk and tells him to fight, he tells Punk to sign the contract, fight Moxley. “CM Punk” chants. Punk takes off his hoodie, he hugs Steel and says before he was CM Punk he was just a punk rock kid from Chicago. They have been trying to kill him since the day he was born. Moxley isn’t the one who’s going to kill him.

Punk gets in the crowd, fires them up, he will pump the blood till the blood stops pumping. At All Out Moxley cant break his bone because We Are Chicago. Punk signs the contract.

Jim Ross sits down with Jungle Boy and Christian Cage. Cage says JR signed him to his first wrestling contract, he is professional to a tee. He is les than 100% and he will destroy Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy says he loved Cage, but this was probably the real Cage all along. Cage says he is here to win championships. Jungle Boy says at Sunday he will fight Jack Perry.

FTR make their entrance. Wardlow is out next. Sonjay Dutt is watching backstage. Vic Capri, Silas Young and Ren Jones.

FTR & Wardlow vs. Vic Capri, Silas Young & Ren Jones

Wardlow with a headbutt, a lariat. Tag to cash, elbow, Suplex, tag to Dax. Dax with strikes in the corner, Capri tags in, Dax with a lariat. Wardlow tags in FTR hit the Big Rig. Wardlow hits the Powerbomb symphony, covers, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: FTR & Wardlow!

Commercial Break.

Jon Moxley walks down to the ring. He gets a mic and says if that’s what Punk wants, that is what he will get. If Punk wants to go out on his shield in Chicago, then he owes them one. If Punk thinks he has one more miracle in him, he better find it fast because he will take Punks head off. He will show the world a real champion.

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Dark Order. Vance is injured so Evil Uno will take his spot in the tournament. Andrade walks in, Jose give Uno money, Andrade asks Uno to work form him. Uno says he is Dark Order forever. Andrade attacks Uno with Vance crutch. Jose stuns Vance with a stun gun.

Dante Martin makes his entrance. Rush is out next, followed by Fenix. Wheeler Yuta is out last, accompanied by William Regal.

Dante Martin vs. Rush vs. Fenix vs. Wheeler Yuta

Martin and Fenix fight on the outside, Rush with a powerslam to Yuta. Martin with a springboard crossbody, Martin with a Code Red, Fenix with a Hurricanrana, dropkick, Tope Suicida to the outside. Yuta does the same, then Martin does a dive as well. Rush with a headbutt, dropkick to Fenix, dive to the outside.

Picture in Picture.

Rush with a Superplex to Martin, Yuta with a missile dropkick, Rush with a piledriver, cover, 2 count. Fenix with an enziguri, Martin with a Full Nelson slam, cover, 2 count. Fenix with a Powerbomb, cover, Rush breaks the count. Fenix with a roundhouse kick, Martin with a Poisonrana.

Yuta pushes Martin off the top, Fenix with an uppercut, then a dive onto Rush. Yuta goes to the top, misses a stomp, but gets a leg strap seatbelt cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Wheeler Yuta!

Tony Schiavone is with Silver and Reynolds. Reynold says if they have to take on 3 guys them so be it. Hangman Page walks in and says if will step up if they need a partner.

Commentary runs down the All Out card.

Commercial Break.

United Empire make their entrance. They Young Bucks are out next, followed by Kenny Omega (with an epic introduction from Justin Roberts). Don Callis joins commentary.

AEW World Trios Championship Tournament Dynamite Final: Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks vs. Will Ospreay & Aussie Open

Ospreay with a running boot, shoulder tackle, Omega with a slap, headlock, shoulder tackle. Ospreay bounces back up, they trade blows, Ospreay with a chop, Omega chops back. Ospreay with strikes in the corner, Bucks and Aussie Open run in and brawl. The Bucks clear the ring.

Omega with chops to Ospreay, Ospreay clotheslines him out of the ring. Nick with a hurricanrana to Ospreay. Aussie Open catch the Bucks dive, Ospreay with Sky Twister to the outside. All 6 men brawl up the ramp.

Picture in Picture.

Davis takes the fight to both Bucks, double clothesline, double bodyslam. Fletcher tags in, assisted kick, cutter, cover, 2 count. Davis tags in, Matt with a hurricanrana, Code Red to Ospreay, tag to Omega. Omega with axe handle, low dropkick, leg lariat, cover, 2 count.

Omega with a dragon suplex, throws Ospreay out of the ring. Ospreay hangs on. Skins the cat and hits a superkick, Ospreay flips out of a snap dragon, hurricanrana, then a space flight to the outside, Omega catches him in a snap dragon on the outside. Fletcher with a thrust kick, Aussie Open with a double superplex. Davis cover, 2 count.

Fletcher tears off Omega’s shirt revealing his bandages. Ospreay with a backbreaker, cover, 2 count.

Picture in Picture.

Nick tags in, Piledriver to Ospreay, double hurricanrana/armdrag, facebuster, Tornado DDT to the outside. Ospreay gets the knee up off a 450, Snap Dragon, Omega gets in his face, they trade blows, Ospreay dodges a Lariat and hits a Ligerbomb. Nick with a Cutter, tag to Matt, superkick, running knee, Omega with a Powerbomb, into a V Trigger, cover, 2 count as Davis breaks the count.

Nick with a dive to the outside. Ospreay hits the Oscutter, then hit More Bang for your Buck on the Matt! Cover, 2 count. Omega with a v trigger, The Bucks with superkicks, triple Superkick to Fletcher. Omega goes for a V Trigger but Ospreay hits a knee, Ospreay with superkicks, The Elite hit the Indytaker, Omega with a V Trigger to Fletcher, then the One Winged Angel, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega!

Dynamite ends as the Elite celebrate while Ospreay looks dejected on the ramp.

Martin Dickinson

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